Why you need an ELD GPS vehicle tracking device?

ELD GPS vehicle tracking device?

In this evolving era, the TXTELD device assists in simplifying the fleet industry with its efficient telematic and operator-affable interface. It complies well with every change and new regulation.  

Undoubtedly, in the fleet industry GPS tracking system plays a crucial role as it helps in monitoring and protecting the assets. This device aids in the right utilization of the resource in every fleet operation.  

What is GPS Vehicle Tracking?

GPS Vehicle tracking is a navigation device that is attached to a running vehicle for monitoring its movement and determining its location. This tracking system supports in saving money, time, and improves operations. Moreover, this unique feature of the ELD device benefits the fleet owners by cutting down the cost and improving the consumer experience.

Unlike other brands, TXTELD helps the fleets managers in keeping track of the assets in real-time. Two unique feature GPS and Geo-Fencing facilitates in monitoring any location and time. Additionally, it assists in planning and scheduling dispatches. This device assists in bridging the gap between the fleets and drivers.

4 reasons why GPS tracking system is important

As per the recent survey, it is found that more than 75% of the fleets are experiencing improvement in the rate of productivity with the GPS tracking systems. An ELD device with this feature brings numerous benefits to the fleet industry. TXTELD GPS tracking devices are designed in such a way that it supports in planning asset maintenance effectively and curtails the downtime. It improves the safety, compliance, and efficiency of the fleet businesses.

Trim Expenses

Equipping your fleet with an ELD GPS tracking device can be calculated as a significant investment. It helps in reducing the cost in many areas.

  • Fuel Expense

An increase in speed excels with the use of fuel consumption. In such a scenario, the tracking device will send alerts to the fleet managers that the driver is driving at excess speed. Thus, this will help not only in reducing the risk of speeding fines but also fuel expenses.

It also facilitates to valid route orchestrating. Well, in TXTELD there is a unique feature that streamlines as well as automates the IFTA. It helps in documenting the distance covered and the amount of fuel used by any commercial vehicle. Also, the device helps in reducing the burden of manual collection of mileage.

  • Insurance Expenditure

The ELD tracking device improves the CSA score which will help in preventing accidents. By monitoring the driver’s conduct, careless driving, and over speeding the fleet owners can take action. Thus, this will lower the insurance premiums.

  • Appropriate invoicing

The TXTELD tracking system provides accurate insights about the vehicle’s arrival and departure. This makes the consumer billing more authentic.

Improve the driver and fleet safety

  • It is the ELD GPS tracking device that assures the safety of the assets and workforce. In the emergency scenario, this tracking device helps in providing a quick response to the drivers. 
  • Remarkably, this advanced technology aids in checking drivers’ actions like hard braking, speeding, forceful acceleration, and usage of the phone. According to the data, the fleet managers act. Notably, TXTELD tracking system helps in tracking the stolen vehicle.

Effective operations

The ELD tracking device helps the fleet owners to improve the operations of both vehicular and backend. Thus, this reduces the chance of breakdowns, maintenance costs, repair costs, and coordination expenses.

Besides, TXTELD has geolocation feature that helps in understanding the exact geographical location of the vehicle. Our device also helps in improving the communication between managers and drivers.

Consumer satisfaction

Every fleet manager’s dreams of cutting down the delivery times without compromising the consumer service. In this case, a GPS tracker can be the solution as it provides complete updates to the dispatchers. With the help of TXTELD’s real-time mapping, you can accurately track your fleet.

Additional Benefits Provided by TXTELD

TXTELD has come up with additional advantages that support in running seamless operation in the fleet industry are-

Eco-friendly device

The sole aim of TXT is to provide clients with the ELD device that offers actionable data and eliminates glitches. We believe that by the end of 2020 our device will reduce the quantity of CO2 emission.

Better experience

Our TXTELD device will facilitate you by automating the processes, enhancing the performance, and uncomplicated collaboration with the stakeholders.

Quality data

This ELD device provides improved data that is worth for decision making. This valuable insight will boost your confidence in decision making.

Improve safety and confidentiality

We have secured consumer trust by keeping consumer data secured. Our device enables smooth transfer of files, and our device is 100% secured to use.

EDI connectivity

TXTELD offers the best customizable and flexible EDI solution that helps the client to grow. Some of the other benefits of EDI are-

  • Increases accuracy level.
  • Removes the chargebacks or any kind of penalty.
  • Automates the data entry automatically there is a reduction in labour costs.
  • Relationships are monitored for flawless functionality.
  • Automating the invoice and improving the ROI.

TXTELD provides complete data on driver performance and can be managed online. Moreover, this information helps the fleet managers in generating the scorecard which automatically improves the CSA score. This score helps to track the progress of each driver.

For a safe and better tomorrow make TXTELD part of your business. We believe that our success lies in the success of our clients. Here, we provide our clients with 24/7 worldwide customer support.

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