Improve Efficiency

Rapid Decision-Making

Streamline Workflow

Use TXT ELD To Enhance Day-To-Day Fleet Operations

We Help You To Adhere To The Timeline

TXT ELD aims to bring a substantial positive transition in productivity, which aims to drive business growth. It contributes to various areas of the fleet industry and ensures effective workflow. TXT ELD enables you to track your asset, monitor driving pattern and driver’s behavior, asset utilization, idling trends etc.
TXT ELD helps you in rapid decision-making process and sensitize the customers about the approach so they can adhere to the timeline. TXT ELD is a great tool to streamline workflow, increase efficiency and enhance day-to-day fleet operations.
Unlimited Data Plan

4G (LTE) Network

Two-Way Messaging

Between driver and Backoffice

Reducing Violations

Eliminating the risk


Accurate and uninterrupted

Maximize On-Road

Asset Utilization


Idling Trends

TXT ELD Enables Smooth Coordination Between Team.

Fuel Consumption

TXT ELD helps the fleet managers to keep a check on fuel consumption through continuous monitoring and controlling.

Route Management

The fleet managers can track the vehicles, optimize route management and improve their productivity.

Driver Visibility

TXT ELD offers solution to improve driver’s visibility by monitoring on-road and off-road time utilization of a vehicle.

TXT ELD Enables To Record Data Eliminating The Chance Of Missing Log And Reducing The Risk Of Violations.

No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

TXT ELD is a hassle-free device saving you from the issues of network drop. It is hardwired with the vehicle engine control module unit and works on in-built internet.

No Hidden Charges

TXT ELD offers unlimited data network plan, which never lets you run out of data. The fleet owners do not have to incur any additional or hidden charges and there is no need of any additional equipment.

Idling Trends

TXT ELD helps to analyze idling trend and helps the safety manager to chalk out the plan for proper dispatch and maximizing on-road asset utilization.

Improve The Efficiency Of Your Fleet With TXT ELD

TXT ELD generates comprehensive report of all the vehicles based on the record and pushes alerts for fleet maintenance schedule.

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