Real-Time Telematics

Manage Your Routes

Improve And Promote Safety

Integrated Solution For The Fleet Companies To Enhance Operations

We Create Smooth Dashboard Experience!

TXT ELD offers an integrated solution for the fleet companies to enhance on-road day-to-day operations. The cloud-based solution is exceptionally valuable for the fleet owners and drivers. It aims to carve a safe environment with optimized navigation and is 100% reliable. TXT aims to create a smooth dashboard experience and simplify the procedure for the drivers and
Backoffice to streamline their day-to-day operations. TXT ELD ensures that the fleet industry can operate at its full potential with the help of technology which complies to the regulations. TXT has futuristic efficiency-driven features like analysing the up-time, down-time, valid route orchestrating facilities that ensure efficient utilization of day-to-day fleet operations.
Real-time Updates

Using GPS Tracking

Route Analyzer

Better on-road planning

FMCSA Compliant

Registered with FMCSA

Promotes Safety

Prevent Accidents

Inspection Report

Pre-trip and post-trip

Smart Dashcam

Real-time footage

Build Better Fleet With TXT's Fleet Management System

Enhance Fleet Visibility

TXT ELD helps in tracking the vehicles and ensure effective and fast dispatches.

Automated IFTA Reporting

Simplifies and digitizes Cross-border Fuel Tax reporting and eliminates risk of penalties through collection of mileage - State wise and Unit wise.

Monitor Driving Behavior

Monitor driving behavior and identify requirements for need of improvement and generate score cards for drivers.

Key Features Of TXT ELD

Route Optimization

Helps the fleet for better on-road planning for the dispatchers and enhance vehicle utilization to its fullest.

Preventive Maintenance

Generate alerts and diagnostic report on vehicle health, which helps the fleet managers to plan vehicle maintenance accordingly and reduce downtime.

Cloud-based Dashcam

TXT Cloud-based Dashcam helps in understanding driving pattern and traffic in a real-time scenario. It provides insights to drivers by pushing movement caution and observations to the clients.

TXT focuses on five critical fleet management areas – safety, compliance, telematics, efficiency, asset for each of our clients.

We provide customized solutions for the fleet companies as per the requirements to create value for every trail of their mobility system.
Unlimited 4G (LTE) Data

TXT ELD has unlimited 4G (LTE) data network for uninterrupted data flow and smooth functioning of your fleet.

Alerts & Notifications

Enables you to customize the alerts & notifications on driver behavior, driving pattern, asset locations, engine code defects etc.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

TXT ELD display unit is visually stunning, impact-resistant and incredibly tough. It comes with Gorilla Glass protection.

Stay Compliant. Stay Safe. Use TXT ELD & Create A Safe Environment!

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TXT ELD is hardwired to your vehicle's engine control module unit. It records your hours of services automatically.

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