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TXT ELD Maintains Data Accuracy And Uninterrupted Flow Of Data

Complete Telematics For Your Fleet

TXT ELD collects real-time data derived directly from the vehicle engine control module unit. The data derived is accurate and 100% reliable. This helps the fleet managers to make effective decisions aiding in quick response to any changes that occur. TXT ELD helps in preventing road accidents, offers detailed off-highway mileage reporting and captures data on fuel tax rebates easily.
The data generated is easily transferable as per the requirement of fleet’s Backoffice, regulatory authorities without any manual interventions. TXT ELD has many features at a reasonable price when compared to the other vendors available in the market. The features make this ELD more popular among the existing devices in the market.
Data Accuracy



Effective and quick





Data Capture



Administrative burden

Best ELD In 2020 To Improve Fleet Operations.

No Harassment

TXT ELD empowers the truck drivers to face the enforcement or DOT officers during inspection

No tampering

Truck drivers cannot tamper with the logs for hours of services as it is recorded automatically

Reduce Driver’s Fatigue

Eliminates manual filing of hours of services record.

We Build The Bridge Between Your Fleet And Drivers With TXT ELD

Data Accuracy

TXT ELD is a hardwired technology that is reliable and ensures accurate data flow directly from the engine control module unit.

No Manual Intervention

The technology offers steady flow of data without any manual intervention. The data collection is automated and the status of duty, hours of services (HOS) etc. Is updated automatically.

Rapid Decision-Making

TXT ELD ensures safety of the fleet and curtail operational costs. It generates real-time data that helps the fleet managers to utilize the asset to its full potential and result in rapid decision-making process.

TXT ELD Records Any Data On Vehicle Movement Through Its In-Built Data Network Connections.

Every record generated is directly associated with the vehicle engine eliminating the risk of any type of irregularities.

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