What Are The Hours Of Service (HOS) Rules?

Hours Of Service (HOS) Rules Regulates Driving Hours For Drivers Operating A Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). For More Information, Check The FMCSA Summary Of Hours Of Service Regulations For Driving In The United States (https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/hours-service/summary-hours-service-regulations) And Transport Canada’s HOS Regulations For Driving In Canada (https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/labour-standards/reports/hours-trucking.html).

What Is An ELD?

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Is A Portable Device, Which Records The – Hours Of Services – Of Commercial Driving Automatically. It Replaces Paper Logs And Electronic Logbook Apps.

What Is The ELD Mandate?

The FMCSA Has Certain Rules And Regulations For The Hours Of Service (HOS) That Limits The Number Of Hours A Driver Can Drive In A Single Day. It Requires Drivers Within The United States To Have An ELD To Record Their Record Of Duty Status (RODS) In Compliance With Hours Of Service (HOS) Requirements. For Further Information, Visit (https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/sites/fmcsa.dot.gov/files/docs/FMCSA-ELD-Final-Rule_12-10-2015.pdf)

Does Every Driver, Including Occasional Drivers, Must Comply With The HOS Regulations?

Any Driver Who Is Operating A “Commercial Motor Vehicle” Defined Under Section 390.5 Of The Federal Regulations Must Also Complete A Logbook Page For Any Day. This Includes Driving Commercial Motor Vehicle For The Previous Seven Days Unless It Comes Under An Exception On Some Of Those Days. You Can Refer (https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/) For More Information.

Do one need to record personal use of our commercial vehicles?

The Federal Hours-Of-Service Regulations Do Not Apply for Personal Use If the Driving Activity Isn’t in Support of a Business.

What All Is Included Under Driver’s Daily Log?

The Drivers Must Keep A Track Of Their Time Through ELog. It Must Include Total Miles, Truck, Tractor Or Trailer Number, Name Of The Carrier, Main Office Address, Driver’s Signature, Name Of Co-Driver, Time Base To Be Used, Remarks, Total Hours, Shipping Document Number(S) Or Name Of Shipper And Commodity.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Consecutive Hours’ Drive Allowed For Commercial Truck?

As Per The FMCSA Rule, There Are Two Different Driving Limits For Commercial Carriers – The 11-Hour Driving Limit And The 14-Hour Driving Window. This Means That One Has A 14-Hour Consecutive Window From The Time One Comes On Duty To Drive A Maximum Of 11 Hours. After Every 14-Hour Driving Window Drivers Must Have A Minimum Of 10 Consecutive Hours Off Duty. The Canadian Hours Of Service Rule Limits Driving To 13 Hours A Day Within 16-Hour Workday. Drivers Must Be Off Duty For 8 Consecutive Hours.

What Is The Adverse Driving Conditions Exception?

It Refers To Unexpected Driving Delays Due To Uncontrollable Circumstances, Such As Bad Weather, Lane Closures Etc. Common Driving Conditions, Such As Rush-Hour Traffic Or Construction Projects, Are Not Covered Under Any Exception. Under The Exception Rule, One Can Drive For An Extra Two Hours, Increasing 11-Hour Driving Limit To 13 Hours, Based On How Far One Can Have Driven In Normal Conditions. However, The Extended Driving Hours Should Be Completed Within The 14-Hour Driving Window. For Further Information, Visit FMCSA Website.

What Are The Rules For Rest Breaks?

The Driver Must Take A Minimum Of 30-Minute Break Or Sleeper-Berth Period After Every Eight Hours Of Their Drive Time. Any 30 Minutes Off-Duty Time Including Meals, Counts As A Break And The Breaks Also Comes Under The 14-Hour Driving Window.

Who Needs To Comply With The ELD Mandate?

The ELD Mandate Complies To Majority Of Fleets And Drivers Operating A Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMVs) In The United States. If You Are Required To Record Your Hours Of Service, Chances Are That You Need To Comply With The ELD Mandate.

Who Is Exempted From The ELD Mandate?

There Are A Few Exemptions To The ELD Mandate. You Do Not Need To Use An ELD If: You Use Paper Logs No More Than Eight Days During Any 30-Day Consecutive Period You’re A Driveaway-Towaway Driver Who Is Transporting An Empty Vehicle For Sale, Lease, Or Repair You Drive A Vehicle Manufactured Before The Model Year 2000 The FMCSA Has Also Extended The Deadline For Certain Companies: The United Parcel Service, October 2022 Motion Picture Association Of America, January 2023 Truck Renting And Leasing Association, October 2022

What Happens If An ELD Is Found To Be Non-Compliant After It Is In Use?

The Motor Carrier Will Have Eight Days From The Date Of Notification To Replace The Non-Compliant ELD With A Compliant One. In Case Of A Widespread Issue, The FMCSA May Work With The Affected Motor Carrier To Determine A Reasonable Timeframe For The Replacement Of Non-Compliant Devices.

Do Drivers Using ELDs Need To Have Physical Copy Of Logs For DOT Inspectors?

The Drivers Do Not Require Physical Copy For Logs During Inspection By DOT Officers. Drivers Can Either Transfer Records To A Roadside Inspector Or Show Them On A Compliant ELD.

When Do I Need To Get An ELD?

Fleet Owners And Drivers Who Are Subjected To The ELD Mandate Must Have A Certified ELD By December 18, 2017 For Those Using Paper Logs Or Electronic Logbooks And December 16, 2019 For Those Using An Automatic Onboard Recording Device (AQBRD).

What Is The Procedure To Activate Internet Service Of TXT?

TXT Reserves The Right To Deactivate/Suspend The Device Anytime On Any Issues; Within Three Months, The Device Could Be Re-Activated By The Company. TXT Reserves The Right To Terminate After Three Months Of Suspension. To Re-Activate, The Company Must Coordinate With The Sales Team To Raise The Request For Activation. TXT Will Arrange For A New SIM Card FREE Of COST.

What Should The Driver Do, If An ELD Stops Working For Some Reason?

The Driver Of The Vehicle Must: A) Note The Failure Of The Device. B) Recreate Driver’s Log For The Current Day As Well As The Previous Seven Days, Leaving For Days Which Driver Already Has The Records. C) Continue To Prepare A Handwritten Log Until The ELD Is Working Again. D) Notify The Carrier Within 24 Hours Of The ELD’s Failure.

What Does An ELD Record Automatically?

An ELD Records Data For Driving Status – On-Duty Or Off-Duty. It Creates An Automated Log For Hours Of Service (HOS).

How Do I Buy TXT Devices And Get A Login?

Please Contact sales@txtesolutions.com Or Call On Our TOLL-FREE Number: 1-833-TXT – ELOG (898-3564) To Buy TXT ELD.

What Is The Price Of TXT Product?

The TXT Product Pricing Consists Of Two Parts: An Upfront Cost For The Hardware And A Subscription-Based License Fee. The Hardware Cost Is $399 With One-Year Warranty. We Have Subscription Plans, You Can Choose As Per Your Requirements. Please Contact Our Sales Team At sales@txtesolutions.com For More Information. Shipping And Handling Charges To Be Paid By The Customers At The Time Of The Order.

How Do I View My Order Details?

You Need To Register With Us To View Your Order Details. You Can Either Log In To “My Account” Or Create A New Account On Our Website www.txtesolutions.com. It Will Take A Minimum Of 1-2 Business Days To Display Your Order History After You Create Your Account.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

Most Of The Orders Are Dispatched On The Same Day Of Your Purchase. It Takes An Estimated Four Business Days To Receive It.

How Much Do We Charge For Shipping?

The Shipping And Handling Costs Are Based On The Order Volume, Shipment Weight, Shipping Method, And Destination. As Part Of The Ordering Process, You Can Select Shipping Options As Per Your Choice To Know The Total Charges.

What Is My Order Number?

When You Place An Order On www.txtesolutions.com, An Order Number Will Be Generated For Your Purchase. This Number Will Allow You To Check The Status Of Your Order. For Offline Orders, Please Contact Us At Toll Free Number 1-833-TXT-ELOG (898-3564) Or Visit Our Nearby Sales Office For The Pickup.

Are Any Additional Discounts Available Over And Above What Is Listed?

Yes. Please Contact Us At 1-833-TXT – ELOG (898-3564) For Any Pricing Questions. *Conditions Apply

What Is TXT’s Replacement Terms & Conditions? How Does It Work?

TXT’s Replacement Policy Gives You The Option To Raise A Request For Items Purchased With TXT Sales Channels Or Website; For Any Reason (Listed Below) Within The Specified Replacement Period. We Only Ask That You Preserve Its Original Conditions. Lost/Stolen Device: TXT Does Not Cover The Lost Or Stolen Case. The Client Must Buy A New Device By Raising Replacement Requests And Contact Sales To Terminate The Order Of Lost/Stolen Devices. Faulty Device: In Case You Receive A Defective Device, You Are Eligible For A Replacement, If The Request Is Raised Within 1-Year Warranty From The Date Of Purchase. However, Internal Damage Or Physical/Water Damages Are Not Included In The Cover. *Conditions apply.

In Case Of Requirement, Will TXT Transfer The Device To Another Company?

TXT Can Transfer The Device From One Company To Another Free Of Cost By Coordination With The Sales Department.

In Which Currency Are TXT Prices Shown?

All Prices Stated On The Website, And Any Collaterals Of TXT Group Are In U.S. Dollars.

Is It Safe To Use My Credit Card?

Yes. You Can Safely Enter Your Entire Credit Card Number Via Our Secure Server, Which Encrypts All Submitted Information.

What Mode Of Payments Are Accepted?

We Will Send Invoice To Your Account If You Have Approved Credit. Payment Must Be Made In U.S. Dollars. For Pre-Payment, We Accept VISA, Mastercard, And American Express.

What Is Your Tax Policy?

In The United States, For All Applicable State, County, And Local Sales Tax Will Be Added To Your Order, Except If Shipping To A.K., DE, HI, MT, NH, NM, OR, Or W.Y. We Reserve The Right To Add Sales Tax Wherever Required. In Canada, Applicable GST/HST Rates Will Apply To The Sale Of Goods And Services. For All International Orders, There May Also Be Duties And Taxes Imposed On Your Order. The Duties And Taxes Are Not Be Included In The Prices Displayed As They Appear During The Checkout Process. You May Check With Your Local Customs Office For Those Charges.

How Do I Get My Name Added/Removed From The Mailing/Message/Call Lists?

To Get Your Name Added/ Removed From Our Mailing/Messages/Call Lists, We Need The Information From The Mailing Label You Received From Us. The Email Information Should Include The Company Name And Location As Well As The Numbers Listed Across The Top Of The Label. Please Email This To support@txtesolutions.com

How Do I Change My Email Address?

Email Us At support@txtesolutions.com To Change Your Email Address.

When Does An ELD Switch To Driving Mode?

If A Vehicle Is Moving At More Than 5 Miles Per Hour, The ELD Will Automatically Switch To Driving Mode.

What Is IFTA?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Is An Arrangement Among U.S. States And Canadian Provinces On Taxes Paid On Motor Fuels. IFTA Allows Commercial Motor Carriers To Register In One State And Have These Tax Assessments Paid Out To All Participating Areas According To Their Fair Share.

Who Must Register For IFTA?

The Commercial Carriers Who Operate An IFTA-Qualified Motor Vehicle In Commerce Must Participate In IFTA. A Qualified Motor Vehicle Is One Used, Designed Or Maintained To Transport Property Or Persons That Is: Three Or More Axles Regardless Of Weight, Or Two Axles With A Gross Vehicle Weight Over 26,000 Pounds; Or Used In Combination With A Total Gross Vehicle Weight Over 26,000 Pounds.

What Must Be Included In An IFTA Trip Report?

IFTA Trip Reports Must Include The Following: Date Of Trip (Start And End), Trip Origin And Destination, Routes Of Travel, Beginning And Ending Odometer Reading, Total Trip Distance, Distance By Jurisdiction, Vehicle Identification Number, Vehicle Fleet Number, Registrant’s Name. For Further Information, Visit https://ifta.org/certifications/faq/

Which States Do I Register For IFTA?

You Only Need To Register With One State — Your Base Jurisdiction. Under IFTA, A Motor Carrier’s Base Jurisdiction Is The State Or Province: Where Its Qualified Motor Vehicles Are Registered, Where It Maintains Operational Control And Operational Records Of Its Eligible Vehicles, And That Qualified Motor Vehicles Travels In.


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