Portable ELD

TXT ELD is a hardwired portable mobile terminal unit, which can be connected to the vehicle engine control module unit.

Tough and Sturdy

TXT ELD display unit is made up of Gorilla Glass making it incredibly tough, sturdy and it can withstand heavy impact.


TXT ELD can run in extreme weather conditions and it is waterproof.

Additional Plug-ins

Not required

Data Privacy

Secured ELD for use


Transferred easily


Error-free data

Prevent Hefty Fines

Free from violations

No legal hassle


Single-Widget Display layout

TXT ELD is designed keeping the ease of drivers in mind. All the features are listed on the single screen and it helps in reducing the burden.

Improve Safety

TXT ELD helps in monitoring driver’s behaviour, driving pattern, over speeding, harsh driving etc. and helps in keeping the drivers and environment safe from road accidents.

Easy transfer

Truck drivers are expected to transfer log for hours of services to the enforcement or DOT officers. TXT ELD enables the drivers to transfer the files easily.

Visually Stunning

TXT ELD is visually stunning with vivid and user-friendly interface with the sole aim of reducing the burden of drivers and fleet managers.

Maintains Privacy

We respect privacy and TXT ELD has been designed specifically to ensure that there is no breach of privacy and the device is 100% secured for use.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

TXT ELD display unit is visually stunning, impact-resistant and incredibly tough. It comes with Gorilla Glass protection.

We Give You The Best And Affordable State-Of-The-Art Device

A device, which can not only save your additional operational costs but always keep you compliant to the changing regulatory requirements of fleet industry.







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