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What Is ELD And ELD Mandate?

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a portable device, which records the Hours of Services of commercial driving automatically. In 2012, the United States Congress enacted the “Moving ahead for progress in 21st century” bill or commonly referred to as “MAP-21”. The bill was passed to ensure the safety of drivers by creating a safe environment and making it easier to track and manage their duty records.
It mandates the fleet owners to equip their vehicles with ELD. It also reduces paperwork for drivers and log hours of services automatically and reduce accidents. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) set a deadline of December 16, 2019 for fleet owners and drivers to comply with the rule. TXT ELD is connected directly to the vehicle’s engine control module unit and can be undocked in case of inspection.

Creates an automated real-time log

Asset Tracking

Enables fleet managers to monitor their fleet

Identify Unsafe Driving

By monitoring over speeding

Vehicle Diagnostics

Manage and reduce downtime

CSA Score

Improve using ELD

Avoid Legal Hassle


TXT ELD Is 100% FMCSA Compliant And Error-Free

Easy Install

TXT ELD is easy to use and install and comes with a Single-Display widget layout

Uninterrupted Flow

TXT ELD collects real-time and accurate data without disrupting the process for seamless operation of fleet companies

Route Management

It helps in managing your route and select those which takes less time. This helps in improving the accountability and management.

Elogs Are Accurate And 100% Compliant To The ELD Requirements

Reduce Administrative Cost

You can save fuel using TXT ELD and helps in cutting down unnecessary budgets to cut down the administrative cost of a fleet

Plug & Play

TXT ELD is easy to use. All you to need is plug your device and play with the amazing features we have to offer.

Alerts & Notifications

TXT ELD automatically pushes notifications automatically. These notifications can be customized by fleet managers and focus on what is important.

Build A Better Tomorrow With TXT ELD And Lead The Fleet Industry

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