Reduce Administrative Cost

Preventive Maintenance

Reduce Downtime

TXT E Solutions Inc Ensures Visibility Of Your Fleet

We Keep Your Assets Safe

TXT E Solutions Inc ensures visibility of your fleet, which aims to help you to plan and schedule dispatches. The location-based data generation helps in identifying whether the asset is in use and enables the fleet managers to initiate action. The data generated gives insight of history of the asset and fleet managers can create alerts for the maintenance of the fleet. TXT E Solutions helps you to plan your asset maintenance and minimize downtime.
In today’s evolving era, it has become essential to ensure business continuity by staying ahead in the competition and comply with the new and changing regulations. TXT ELD paves the way for companies to improve safety, efficiency, compliance and streamline day-to-day fleet operations. TXT ELD ensures that the fleet owners and their collaborators stay compliant, stay safe and elevate the productivity of their companies.
Maintenance Cost

Helps to reduce

Regular Monitoring

Of your fleet

Reduce Downtime


Engine Diagnostic

Push alerts


Breakdown trends

Good Coordination

Backoffice and Drivers

Connecting You To The Future

Improve Safety

TXT ELD helps you to keep your fleet and drivers safe

Analyse Uptime

The futuristic features help in analysing up-time of your fleet

Route Orchestrating

Manages valid route orchestrating to ensure efficient utilization of asset in day-to-day fleet operations

We Build The Bridge Between Your Fleet And Drivers With TXT ELD

Lower Maintenance Cost

The systematic data ensures vehicle health by regular monitoring of the fleet and enables the fleet managers to reduce maintenance costs of the vehicles.

Preventive Maintenance

TXT ELD feature sends alerts and notifications to the dashboard on engine diagnostic data and provides insights about the machine health condition.

Reduce Downtime

One of the most important aspect and objective of fleet industry is to maximize vehicle’s uptime and reduce the downtime.

The constant flow of data from the vehicle movement and the dashboard is integrated and enhances the coordination between Backoffice and drivers.

Sometimes small issues go unnoticed, but it can quickly scale-up to a significant problem. TXT ELD helps you to keep track of breakdown trends and predicts the requirement for next maintenance.
Fleet Optimization

Fleet optimization has a substantial positive impact on on-time delivery, which is key to commercial fleet business growth. The improved dispatching time enhances better service scope.

Automated HOS

TXT ELD enables recording of hours of services data automatically. It records when the vehicle is on the move.

Optimize ROI

Our product - TXT ELD – has been designed keeping the changing requirements of fleet industry in mind to ensure that the fleet operators can cope with the transition that the industry is witnessing.

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