GPS Tracking

Monitor & Manage Your Fleet With TXT ELD’s Advanced GPS Tracking Unit And Get Real-Time Updates.

Real-Time Monitoring

TXT ELD has an in-built GPS Tracking unit, which is connected directly into the asset and is compatible with vehicle. It enables you to receive real-time updates of your asset.

Bird-Eye View

The GPS Tracking feature of TXT ELD enables the fleet managers to monitor their fleet at any given location and time through bird-eye view. This feature is at par with the Google Maps feature and gives detailed view of the fleet.

Utilization Of Asset

Through asset monitoring, you can utilize your asset to its full potential. It also helps the fleet managers to schedule dispatch as per the asset utilization.

Asset Monitoring

In the fleet industry, monitoring and protection of asset is crucial, and this can be achieved by keeping track of the asset in real-time using TXT ELD. Using the GPS and Geo-Fencing feature, you can monitor your fleet at any location and time.

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Virtual Boundary

Using Geo-Fencing feature of TXT ELD you can create a virtual boundary to understand the working of individual fleets and use the data to improve driver’s performance.

Alerts and Notifications

TXT ELD enables the fleet managers to set alerts and notifications for the fleet. After creating a virtual boundary to track the performance of any asset, fleet managers will receive notifications as soon as the delivery is completed.

Monitor Compliance

TXT ELD helps to comply with the regulation on hours of services, duty status, driver’s behavior, etc. through the administering features on each of the aspects.


Using the Geo-Fencing feature, you can create a virtual fence around a specific geographical location, which you wish to track using the GPS feature. This helps you to identify the assets if it is inside or outside certain location boundaries.

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Deal with emergency situations

In case of any mishap or emergency, fleet managers can immediately inform the authorities and share the exact location and data.

Prevent Violations

TXT ELD empowers the drivers to provide accurate records of hours of services, which prevents you from facing any kind of legal hassle.

Streamline the Workflow

Keep the drivers, assets, and the fleet managers in sync with their workflow for day-to-day fleet operations with the help of TXT ELD.

Enhance Safety

The fleet companies can monitor over speeding, harsh driving, improve fuel efficiency. The device also plays an important role in preventing crash rates and meets regulatory compliance requirements.

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Statistics for vehicle utilization

TXT ELD enables the fleet managers to create statistics for utilization of vehicle and resources to full potential

Third-Party Integration

TXT ELD can give access to a third-party if they wish to track your vehicle’s location. Any access will be given only with prior approval of our clients.

Remote Diagnostics

TXT ELD has pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspection form, which has been designed keeping the drivers in mind. It is easy to access and understand.

Improve Services

Enable visibility of the drivers allows utilizing them best by improving on the dispatch schedules like quick assignments of a new one as soon as the driver completes the current one and improve the services by multiple manifolds.

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TXT ELD is a fully embedded Hardwired Mobile Data Portable Terminal unit connected directly to the vehicle’s engine control module unit to capture real-time data accurately. TXT ELD captures the details of unsafe driving patterns, which can lead to a fatal road accident and generates preventive alerts. It broadens the scope of monitoring and helps the fleet owners to rectify possible critical occurrence by sharing necessary details on over speeding, seatbelt usage, braking patterns, sharp corner turns, harsh accelerations etc. To avoid risk.