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TXT ELD is the most trusted, comprehensive and integrated on-road regulatory compliance solutions for HOS, IFTA, DVIR. It enables the drivers to automatically log hours of service (HOS) and complete driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) in the same workflow. This tool not only eliminates paperwork but also ensures that the driver’s HOS is always updated.
The drivers can submit their logbook and DVIRs on-time to the law enforcement officials. TXT ELD helps in improving your CSA safety ratings by managing the factors that drive your basic score. TXT ELD helps to reduce the driver’s burden and ensure that they stay compliant on IFTA reporting as well.
Automated Elogs

Hours of Service


Driver’s fatigue

Digital IFTA

Fuel Tax Reporting

Vehicle Inspection

Pre-trip & Post-trip

GPS Tracking


FMCSA Compliance


Make Your Life Easy With TXT ELD Application

No Harassment

TXT ELD empowers the truck drivers to face the enforcement or DOT officers during inspection

No Tampering

Truck drivers cannot tamper with the logs for hours of services as it is recorded automatically

Reduce Driver’s Fatigue

TXT ELD helps in reducing driver’s fatigue by eliminating manual filing of hours of services record.

We Build The Bridge Between Your Fleet And Drivers With TXT ELD


TXT ELD records every minute error-free log of the drivers as per the ELD mandate. The chances of violations like missing log, out-dated log, incorrect entries etc. are taken care of and empowers the drivers to face the DOT officers.

GPS & Navigation

Unlike other ELDs, TXT offers in-built GPS tracking unit that provides the real-time data to the fleet’s Backoffice about the vehicle location, trip time and distance, engine idling etc.

Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA)

TXT ELD helps in simplifying the cross-border fuel tax reporting and eliminates the risk of penalties. The report is generated automatically based on the data obtained from the vehicle engine control module unit and is 100% reliable.

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