Why it is important to monitor hard braking or acceleration?

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In the fleet industry fleet tracking has become one of the greatest assets for the fleet companies in their path of success. With the emergence of new technologies, fleet businesses are finding new ways to enhance efficiency and enhance safety. TXTELD has come up with an effective tracking solution that helps in keeping track of the vehicle and its content. Our asset monitoring feature will help you in keeping track of the varied factors like speed, acceleration, and also hard braking. By making use of the tracking feature you can drive your business towards the betterment.

How can you detect hard acceleration and hard braking?

The prime benefit of fleet management solution is that it helps in getting the real-time location of the vehicles. It is the GPS tracking device that helps to keep track of every minute of the vehicle. During the business hours, you stay aware of the coming and going of the vehicle. Our ELD device is capable enough to make you understand the hard braking and hard acceleration. Within our device, there is a presence of strong sensors that helps in capturing and provides insights of the braking and acceleration. Whenever the sensor catches any incident, it will send alerts to the fleet owners.

Key benefits of tracking hard braking and acceleration

Well, taking charge of the commercial fleet makes you responsible for the safety of the workers and everyday citizens. There lies a certain level of risk that arises as soon as the driver goes out on the road. As a fleet owner, it is important for you to do everything which will make them confident and secure. In recent times, the majority of the fleet companies are making use of the TXTELD devices to accurately trace the acceleration and braking of the vehicles. There are certain areas where hard braking cannot be avoided for the safety issue. Our fleet management solution helps in monitoring the hard braking and acceleration habits that can help you in-

Elimination of accidents

Vehicle collisions can be regarded as a nightmare for most of the insurance companies. By tracing the reckless driving habits, you will be able to identify which drivers are safe and require more training. By training your driver you can protect your business, workers, and reputation.

Low fuel expenses

It is the hard acceleration and braking which makes the vehicles burn fuels more quickly. In the long run, you can drive your operational costs. By correcting these behaviors, it will help you in enhancing and saving money each month.

Enhance vehicle longevity

It is the brakes and tires which only takes place before it starts to wear out. Over time, hard braking and acceleration will charge you hefty fines. You need to keep your maintenance schedule consistent to eliminate harmful behaviors.

TXTELD offers comprehensive fleet monitoring solutions for saving money and protecting everyone in the fleet companies. Our TXTELD application is designed in such a way that it reduces the burden of the drivers as well as the fleet owners. We have a team of technical support who is available 24/7 to help you.  To know about our products and services, please get in touch with us.





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