Why it is important to incorporate telematics within your vehicles?

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Now, vehicle telematics plays a vital role in improving safety and security. It is also utilized in saving both time and money. Most of the fleet companies are utilizing the telematics unit to operate the fleet operation flawlessly. Also, this unit facilitates in improving production and cutting the expenditures. TXTELD is an efficient telematics unit favored by most of the business owners in improving their ROI. Our technocrats leverage their years of experience and knowledge in providing you with an effective solution for your business.

What do you mean by telematics?

The word telematics has originated from the dual words “telecommunications” and “informatics”. This telematics unit has exceptional features like GPS systems, communication systems that assist the telematics in delivering various info and services. It is extremely used for gathering data by making use of GPS technology, sensors, and diagnostics codes. This device will benefit in managing the location of the vehicles, understanding the behavior of the driver, activity of vehicle and also aids in engine diagnosis in real-time. Additionally, it supports the fleet owners in handling the assets remotely. Our device will help you in creating trust between the company and its customers.

Benefits of telematics

Well, for the modern fleet industry location tracking and monitoring of the equipment, engine, and driving hours helps in optimizing the resources. Some of the key benefits of the telematics unit are-

Curb the fuel cost

The telematics device eases the fleet owners to establish a route plan, slash the idle time, and also helps in keeping track of fuel usage.

Access to data

The telematics solution facilitates in simplifying the communication process which helps in reducing the downtime. Data aids in making effective use of the resources and which will be enhancing productivity.

Safety and security

This solution helps in improving safety management by tracking the behavior of the driver, vehicle, and the performance of the equipment. One of the unique attributes of this gadget is the GPS tracking feature which supports in recognizing the location of the asset. This is a big help while sending helping hands at the time of emergency.

Cost-effective maintenances

The Telematics unit facilitates the fleet managers in handling the critical events before it transforms into a major one and also benefits in saving valuable downtime and a pricey repair. Moreover, it helps in scheduling maintenance timely and maximizing resources.

TXTELD device helps the drivers and managers in streamlining their daily workflow. It is easy to install and can be used for avoiding potential difficulties. Our device is capable of providing real-time data to run your business efficiently. It streamlines the communication between the vehicle and managers. For more info about our services and products, write to us or call us.

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