Why ELD device is mandatory?


Emerging technology has brought a revolutionary change in every industry, the fleet industry is not an exception. Among the top eld brands, TXTELD has gained its position in the market for its extraordinary features and benefits.

In 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has made ELD mandatory for the fleet industry. If anyone fails to follow the ELD mandate will be charged hefty fines.

What is ELD?

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is referred to as electronic hardware that is affixed to a commercial vehicle engine that keeps the record. This device is made from the latest technology which helps in automatically collecting, supplementing, and processing Hours of Service and Records of Duty. It is connected directly with the engine of the vehicle for controlling the module unit. During the inspection, it can be swiftly undocked.

Notably, this single display widget layout device is easy to use and can be easily installed. This device supports the fleet companies to run their business operations seamlessly. Unlike other brands, TXTELD is designed in such a way that it assures zero breaches of privacy. Additionally, the device is visually stunning, impact-resistant, and made of Gorilla glass.

Significant features of ELD

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) comes with ample of features that improve the accountability and management of the fleet industry.

  • Records date, time, location, mileage, hours, driving time, and driver identity automatically.
  • Elogs can be transferred easily
  • No need for additional plug-ins required.
  • Presence of intelligent search attributes to monitor fleet.
  • Application for detecting defects and system malfunctions.
  • GPS tracker for a detailed navigation record for further reference.
  • Cloud-based dashcam helps with driving patterns and traffic insights in a real-time situation.

These attributes are present in almost all brands ELD, but TXTELD is exceptional. Along with the above characteristics it also has-

  • Water-resistant capability
  • Enables night driving
  • Zero network issues as it runs with satellite technology
  • Withstands heat and vibration

Key benefits of TXTELD

There are many manufacturers in the market but choosing the right one is quite a difficult task. So, you need to select an effective and efficient device for your fleet. Keeping in mind the requirements of the fleet industry, TXT has come up with a suitable ELD device for fleets and drivers. This device offers robust and flexible tools that uninterruptedly records the log sheet entries and capable of creating details of the electronic power industry. Undoubtedly, this device reduces the rate of accidents due to driver fatigue and saves from hefty fines.

Advantages of ELD for Fleets-

  • Streamlines HOS and industrial regulations
  • Bridges communication gap between truck, driver, and office
  • Enhances fleet safety
  • Minimizes the chance of an accident by almost 11%
  • Curtails the fuel cost
  • Escalates HOS accountability

Advantages of ELD for Drivers-

  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Saves both money and time
  • Uninterrupted communication at each step
  • Application boosts the earning and productivity
  • Prevention against harassment  

As the ELD devices have become mandatory, so the fleets must get familiarized themselves. This device excludes the risk of fines and reduces the burden of manual collection of mileage data. TXTELD devices are 100%FMCSA complied and reliable.

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