Which is the best ELD?

Txt eld

In this competitive market, you will find there are many brands available. It is difficult to choose the right brand ELD for your business. As per the ELD mandate, it is compulsory for the fleet companies to make ELD as part of their vehicles. During the inspection, if your vehicle is found without the ELD devices, then you will be charged hefty fines and penalties. Certain ELDs need extra hardware which makes it more expensive. Every ELD does not have the GPS tracking feature. Those without GPS tracking feature offers breadcrumb location data which updates after a few minutes. Additionally, few ELD provider charges more with the addition of extra features like notifications, alerts, maintenance reminder, and others.

The best ELD for the fleet companies is one that-

  • Can be easily installed
  • Trustworthy
  • Simple to us
  • Has additional feature beyond the compliance without extra cost

Among the top ELD providers in Canada, you can go for TXTELD. Our FMCSA approved ELD device is reliable, easy to use, and has all the required features. It helps the fleet companies in overcoming their day-to-day challenges and climb the ladder of success. TXTELD application supports in reducing the burden and enhancing the productivity of the fleet. At a reasonable price, we offer our clients with the finest features in the market. Our devices are designed in such a way that it helps the fleet companies in meeting their needs with ease, and it also has a user-friendly interface.

Three reasons why you should choose TXTELD

Real-time data

TXTELD has a GPS tracking feature that provides the fleet managers with real-time location of the fleet. It does not represent any “breadcrumb” data that updates after every few minutes. Our real-time GPS data will help you in preventing your vehicles from thieves, improving customer experience, and reducing vehicle idling.

Easy to use

Keeping in mind the requirements of the fleet industry, TXTELD has come up with an ELD device with a user-friendly interface. All features that we offer are enlisted within a single screen that helps in reducing the load. Our device allows the driver to easily transfer the files. This device is really easy to install and helps the fleet managers in monitoring harsh driving, over speeding, driving pattern, and others.

Security assurance

As we respect privacy, we have designed our device in such a way that it assures there is no breach of privacy, and the device is 100% secured to use. Undoubtedly, the TXTELD feature helps the fleet in planning the dispatch, maintaining safety, routing, and many more. It will help you in achieving all your business requirements by staying compliant with the ELD mandate.

TXTELD has gained its position among the top ELD providers for providing the best fleet management solution. We never compromise with the quality of service we provide to our clients under any circumstances. Our device will help you in saving your extra operational costs. Also, our device is capable enough to help you in adapting to the changing regulations in the fleet industry. To know more about our products and services you can write to us or call us.





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