What is The Purpose of GPS Tracking?

GPS has recently become a ubiquitous technology in the modern era. Monitoring every movement and stop is a trend today. More than hyping up the trend, sharing location is a safety measure that everyone needs to pay attention to. In a world where loyalty and honesty is a talk of the past, being prepared with backups is justified. Even though GPS tracking is to keep track of the movement of where the person or a vehicle is, it has various benefits.
GPS tracking recently gained popularity but have been pulsating for a long time now. The recent hype has hugely affected fleet management companies. Ask a fleet manager, and they’ll tell you how GPS tracking has helped them improve their team productivity.

Let us understand how GPS tracking affected the fleet management companies:

Search and Rescue: Fleet management prioritizes driver safety. The managers would never know where the fleet is or what actually happened to the vehicle if it caused massive delays or missed out on the road. With the help of GPS systems, the managers can search the exact location of the fleet and rescue in case of any problem. It is vital to monitor the location of the fleet in order to secure the driver and assets.
Fulfil Compliance: Fleet management companies are under huge legalities. Since they have so many lives and goods at stake, they are expected to comply with the laws. Recently, the fleet management companies were put under the ELD mandate. The mandate proposes to keep track of the working hours and idling hours of the drivers and workers. It was majorly introduced to record the driving hours and refrain them from overwork.
Optimize Routes: Having a GPS-based fleet management system helps companies to optimize suitable routes for drivers. Not all drivers are efficient with finding the right and shortest route for the delivery. The fleet manager can carry out the process and plan the perfect route that results in saving time and fuel cost.
Avoids Timesheet Fraud: When it comes to maintaining a proper worksheet, it is hard for the manager to trust the team. It is better to rely on software that can ensure accuracy and timely updates for smooth timesheet management. This will cut any timesheet fraud and ensure that the manager controls the access, leaving no doubts or chances of infusing deliberate misinformation.
Employee Validation: Operating a business where the employees don’t feel validated or valued increases employee turnover. Fleet management companies are affected if the workforce is short for some time. So, to maintain the workforce density for the smooth functioning of the tasks, it is essential to make them feel valued and heard. With the help of a GPS tracking system, the manager can gather the total working hours and productivity that can be used for rewarding the deserving workers.

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