What is the importance of fleet inspection?

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It is the prime responsibility of the fleet managers to take the necessary precautions like the inspections seriously. Through a proper pre-trip inspection, you can prevent the drivers from leaving the place with an existing issue. Inspections help in correcting the problems before it turns into a major one. Well, the first step towards reforming the company’s fleet inspections for understanding the importance.

Maintenance is important for the fleet industry

Preventive measures help in assuring safety and also reduceing the vehicle‘s risk of breaking down on the road. Well, fleet inspections help in bringing stability to the fleet and also assists in reducing the risk of emergency repairs. Also, you need to keep the records of the repairs, inspections, and all other services performed.

Detect issues before they lead to the breakdown

Reactive maintenance takes place as soon as something wrong takes place. Well, preventative maintenance is essential for avoiding major issues. Moreover, a serious breakdown can take place due to a lack of upkeep and routine maintenance. Thus, this can lead you to an expensive repair. It is the preventive maintenance which includes scheduled servicing, pre-trip inspections as well as post-trip inspections. Repairment is important for the vehicle availability and prevention of potential issues. It is also important to detect the small issues and bring them to notice before they cause any serious problems like unable to start or traffic accidents. There are certain areas that you need to inspect like-

  • Transmission fluid
  • Filters and engine oil
  • Cooling system
  • Driveshafts and CV joints
  • Fuel system
  • Lights (interior and exterior)
  • Belts and hoses
  • Braking system
  • Engine and transmission mounts

Depending on the overall wear and tear of these items based on the vehicle mileage, age, engine hours, and quantity of fuel used, you may need to replace the vehicle parts.

Obey FMCSA Inspection Regulation and Prevent Breach

All the vehicles must stay compatible with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration inspection regulations. The exact kind of inspections is required for the vehicle to enhance its productivity and so that the fleet complies with the rules of the FMCSA rules. Depending on the industry and kind of vehicle needs unique inspection forms and inspection protocols. Moreover, regulations enacted by the FMCSA are designed for assuring the safety of the fleet.

Reduction of driver liability

Pre-trip inspections are mandatory as per law. Whenever any commercial fleet driver gets involved in an accident, they must provide the documentation that the vehicle was inspected. If the driver cannot provide the proof then he might be held responsible for the accident, even if it is not his or her mistake. Thus, this sums up to an expensive liability if the drivers not executing regular inspections of their vehicles.

Reduction of roadside inspection fines

You should always be prepared while your fleets are making long trips. If you are vehicle is working properly and you do not have documentation like the inspection form, then you need to pay fine. Also, if there are issues in your vehicle, you might be forced to stop your vehicles at the repair shop. Thus, this means the lack of upkeep and complete inspection which increases the necessary expenses. It is the DOT fines that can typically cost you hundreds of dollars or a few thousand dollars.

What is the necessary fleet inspection required?

FMCSA requires specific equipment and certain parts are inspected often for safe operations. Further, the inspection process must be completely documented with the accessible records and it should be visible during roadside inspections. Inspections can help your fleet business to avoid hefty fines, out-of-service penalties, and some other consequences. TXTELD device will help you with maintenance reminders to help you in reducing your downtime.

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