What is the Dashboard camera?

What is the Dashboard camera

If you check the recent scenario you will find that camera has become an integral part of business security. Moreover, the camera that has gained maximum popularity in recent times is the dashboard camera or dashcam which is used by the vehicles to improve safety. It has the capability of recording videos, and data like speed acceleration, GPS location, G-force, and deceleration. During any collision mostly truck drivers are blamed whether they are responsible or not. In this case, the dashcam reveals the driver seat view during the collision and it plays a crucial role in vindicating the driver who was not at fault.

Dash cams are mostly mounted on the windshield or installed on the dash or mirror. TXTELD dash cam offers both the forward-facing and driver-facing view. Well, the data recorded in the dashcam is stored in the internal storage of the camera. Our dash cam offers a cloud-based solution that helps the fleet in enhancing safety.

Difference between commercial dash cams and consumer dashcams

The primary difference between the consumer dashcam and commercial dash cam is in the features. Some of the consumer models offer front-facing views and limited data storage and on the other hand, commercial dashcam offers the business with a more robust solution. Well, it is the commercial dash cam that helps in gathering detailed information and videos which will automatically get uploaded to the cloud. The info can be downloaded and tracked by the owners. This information helps the managers or owners in understanding the driver’s nature of driving. Dashcam footage helps the managers in training the driver on the safer driving techniques.

What are the factors you must consider while buying a dashcam?

When you are planning to get the dash cam for easing your fleet operations you will find ample brands in the market. You need to keep in mind that for which purpose the dashcam will be used and which services are the most important.  

Some of the key factors you need to consider while buying a dashcam are-

  • Front-facing rear camera helps in capturing the 180-degree view to understand the driving pattern.
  • It is a premium dashcam that provides you the opportunity to get access to the videos remotely.
  • Dashcam keeps the record of the hard cornering, difficult acceleration, and hard braking.
  • This device provides an opportunity for the driver to learn and improve their driving habits.
  • You must ensure that there is ample internal storage that can store videos, or the system can automatically upload the footage to the office.
  • A good dashcam must have cloud-based storage
  • It is the best dash cam which the fleets can install and use with ease
  • A good dash cam will provide you with the relevant details like the GPS location, speed, history, and heading.

TXTELD offers clients with a cloud-based smart dashcam at an affordable rate. It helps in improving the operational work of the entire fleet company. Our device provides HD footage and also allows managers to see the driver’s performance and coach them. Thus, this helps the drivers to avoid a violation, and also the fleet can avoid costly insurance. If you are interested to know about our service and product, you can write to us at  sales@txtesolutions.com or support@txtesolutions.com and you can call us at Toll-Free 1-833-TXT-ELOG (898-3564).

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