What is GPS Heavy Equipment Tracking Technology?

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Heavy equipment GPS tracking devices has now become an important part of the fleet industry. In most countries, there is always an issue of heavy equipment theft. TXTELD has come up with a GPS telematics tracking device to help you in keeping track of your valuable assets. You will be able to get the real-time location of your fleet. Our telematics unit will benefit you in monitoring the location of the heavy equipment even when they are in the construction sites, mines, or in oil and gas fields. With the help of the TXTELD GPS tracking feature, you can locate your misplaced or stolen equipment. Additionally, our device is capable of providing you maintenance reminders which will also benefit you in reducing your vehicle downtime. We never compromise with the quality of the service under any circumstance.

Check out some of the ways in which the telematics unit are benefiting the companies right now:


The best way to safeguard your assets is by keeping track of it at every step. It is the TXTELD GPS tracker which will permit you in keeping track of the equipment and also monitoring the real-time location of the fleet.

Prevention against loss

The main purpose of the tracking device is to solve the large problems that are most often faced by large companies. A loss of heavy equipment can cost a company millions of dollars. It is a fleet management solution that helps the company remotely immobilizing equipment and preventing against further theft. 

Time Handling

The GPS tracking feature helps the fleet owners in keeping the equipment safe from the hands of the thief. It enables you in understanding the ways your assets are used and how the employees are managing the time. On the other hand, it will help you in the overall planning and scheduling for making effective use of the fleets. Also, it facilitates in preventing the loss in terms of driver overtime and also helps the fleet owners to have an idea of how many hours your equipment was in use. 

Immediate notification

TXTELD has GPS monitoring software that will help you in getting the real-time notification of the equipment throughout the project. Our device will support you in receiving alerts of- 

  • Receiving and completing deliveries 
  • Compliance infringements
  • Illicit equipment utilization
  • Geofence alarms  

Tracking is one of the important benefits of GPS technology and this telematics device can assist you in maintaining the life of your equipment. 


TXTELD is made out of modern technology that involves programs that will help you in keeping an eye on your equipment. It is the GPS tracking technology that not only helps you in locating and managing the equipment efficiently but also assists in understanding the driver’s performance. This software helps in keeping track of the metrics like:

  • Hours and Usage of Engine
  • Fuel Utilization
  • Inventory
  • Job-site management
  • Equipment idling
  • Component management

 Well, it is the GPS tracking program that helps in extending the lifecycle of the equipment. It is the past services, engine hours, and mileage which supports the planning of the upcoming projects and the required maintenance. 


This device facilitates in identifying when the maintenance is due and also assists in keeping track of the top-performing equipment and focus on the repair. It is the vehicle maintenance notification which assists in ensuring regulations and meeting the standards. The data from this device allows in making smarter decisions that help in making a larger saving on the cost of the labor.

It is the TXTLD device which helps in overcoming heavy equipment management challenges. It provides the business owners with the ability to keep control over the loss, effective usage, inventory control, and also assists in labor management. For more information about our product and services, write to us or call us.





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