What do you mean by truck GPS navigation?

GPS tracking feature, geofence alert

In the current scenario, GPS navigation has become an integral part of the fleet business. It is our TXTELD truck navigation solution that goes far beyond the consumer-grade navigation which helps in removing all the glitches. You can say truck GPS navigation is an application that helps in understanding the exact location of the fleet and also helps in meeting the unique requirements of the heavy-duty vehicle. Our device has an intelligent search feature that allows the fleet managers in checking the status vehicle wise, duty wise, and driver wise. Moreover, it also helps the fleet owners in understanding the gap and improving efficiency. With the help of our device, the fleet owners can access the details and regular updates sitting anywhere and at any time.

How does truck GPS navigation work?

Truck GPS navigation is the database solution that makes use of the phone, telematics device, or a specific navigation device to communicate with the GPS. It helps in determining the speed, real-time location, and direction of the truck. Well, when a certain destination is selected, it is the navigation providers’ software that utilizes the current GPS data and vehicle details for meeting a specific truck road database. Hence, this helps in calculating the efficient and compliant route for the desired destination.

What are the features of truck GPS navigation?

Some of the attributes of GPS navigation solutions which will increase the efficiency of your fleet business are-

  • Truck altitude and heft
  • Road heft restricts and bridge apex constraints
  • Hours of Service observance
  • Evaluate positions
  • Sudden declines and tight turn alerts
  • Capability to build multiple truck profiles
  • Posted speed data and Overspeed alerts
  • Real-time traffic notifications
  • No extra hardware required except phone or ELD/telematics device
  • Over-the-air information
  • State line crossing alerts

Grab TXTELD to generate real-time data that will help your fleet companies and drivers in making quick decisions. Thus, this will support your business in staying ahead in the competition and curtailing the operation costs. To know more about our products and services, call us or write to us. We are available 24/7 in multiple languages to help you.





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