What are the features of ELD?

What are the features of ELD?

With the emergence of new technology, the fleet industry has witnessed a revolutionary change. It helps the fleet managers in streamlining the operations and ensuring the safety of the fleets. As per the FMCSA rule, every trucker needs to include ELD. This device helps the fleet companies in improving the profit rate and enhancing productivity. Among the top ELD service provider, TXTELD has come up with an effective fleet management solution. This device connects directly to the vehicle engine and can be easily undocked at the time of inspection. Our device is designed in such a way that it is capable of identifying unsafe driving and allows fleet managers to keep track of their valuable assets.

Major features of ELD

ELD software solution is created by following the ELD mandate and vehicle operations. It helps the fleet managers with the real-time location of the vehicle and other valuable insights. Let us take a look at the crucial features of ELD-

ELD Compliance

FMCSA approved ELD device helps the fleet in staying compliant with the ELD mandate. It assists in keeping track of the CSA scores and gives alerts as soon as a HOS violation takes place. TXTELD fleet management solution is designed by following the ELD mandate and keeping in mind the fleet requirements.

GPS Truck tracking

GPS tracking feature helps the fleet companies in keeping track of the asset and the content. It will help in understanding the real-time location of the vehicle. Well, TXTELD GPS tracking functionality will support in eliminating the guesswork and helps the driver in route planning. This functionality assists the fleet owners in improving their business by many manifolds.

Automation of IFTA fuel tax report

With the support of ELD, you can automate the IFTA Fuel Tax Report which will help in eradicating the manual state mileage and fuel receipt. This device helps to automate the complicated calculation of the distance travel and fuel purchased. Undoubtedly, this facilitates in improving operational efficiency, reducing human errors, and the risk of audit.

Utilization of vehicle

Misuse of fuel is one of the main reasons behind the increase in cost in the trucking industry. With the help of the ELD compliant fleet management solution, you can keep track of real-time fuel utilization and vehicle idling. It supports the complete and effective utilization of the vehicle. Further, this helps in saving excess costs.

Inspection of vehicle

For the fleet companies’ vehicle safety is one of the prime factors. It provides tailor-made inspection form, real-time notifications, and inspection history which assures that you stay on top of your fleet business.

Vehicle fitness

Vehicle with issues can lead to a hefty loss. E-log offers truck drivers with vehicle diagnostic features that help them in detecting vehicle maintenance issues. TXTELD offers automatic monitoring and instant alerts which supports in discovering the maintenance issues. Thus, this feature aids in staying ahead in the competition.

Track your asset

TXTELD offers GPS functionality which helps the fleets manager in understanding the exact location of the asset. This helps in enhancing dispatcher efficiency and reducing detention time. Our asset tracking feature will assist you in recognizing the driving pattern, delivery schedules, and detecting misuse.

TXTELD has smart features that supports in reducing fleet downtime. Our effective solution will help you in staying ahead in this competitive market. Our device will support you in improving the efficiency of your fleet and drivers. To us, customer satisfaction matters the most. If you are eager to know more about the device and services, contact us.





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