Ways you can keep your fleet safe with TXT ELD


Safety of fleet is a primary concern for every fleet owner and as ELD manufacturers this has always been our top priority. TXT ELD helps you to not only manage your fleet but keep them safe both on-road or off-road. Fleet safety ensures that your business do not take a backseat and also, ensures safety of drivers. It is important for drivers to operate vehicle efficiently on-road and avoid any road mishaps or injury. Most importantly, it ensures that you don’t make rounds of court or get into any kind of legal trouble.

In this article, we have listed 5 ways you can keep your fleet safe with TXT ELD.

1. Vehicle Diagnostics and Malfunction updates:

The primary concern of any transport company is to maintain the fleet’s engine to reduce the risk of delays and break down. It generates a diagnostic report on vehicle which helps fleet managers to plan maintenance accordingly and reduce downtime. The record of every detail of the vehicle generates a comprehensive report which provides alerts on the fleet maintenance schedules. This opens up the scope of planning of the dispatches minimizing the risk for delays and break downs. The Vehicle Inspection and Pre-trip Inspection form is designed well and ensures regulatory compliance.

2. Monitor unsafe driving pattern

The live vehicle GPS Tracking Unit and Geo-Fencing features of TXT ELD helps you to enhance the scale of your productivity by many manifolds. You can monitor, manage and understand the gaps in your workforce and focus on the areas that require improvement. The GPS Tracking Unit is compatible with the vehicles and tracks location accurately. It helps you to monitor unsafe driving patterns, helps you in route planning and reduce risk of road accidents.

3. Alerts & Notifications:

Now you can customize your alerts for a better understanding of your vehicle engine with TXT Electronic Logging Device (ELD). Fleet managers can customize the alerts to minimize wear and tear of vehicle’s Engine Control Module unit. If you want to monitor the speed of your fleet, driving behavior, defect, violation etc. you can select and receive alerts for the same.

4. Allows you to improve driver’s efficiency

TXT ELD generates scorecard for drivers. The fleet managers can use this data to understand the gaps and focus on individual drivers, who require attention. This can become an incentive program for drivers and fleet managers can motivate them to focus on issues and improve their individual scores.

5. Bird-Eye View

This feature of TXT ELD helps in keeping a close eye on your fleet. The fleet managers can track the vehicle and ensure safety of drivers in case of any emergency. This feature is at par with Google Maps.

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