Use vehicle inspection history to improve fleet safety

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ELD devices have enhanced safety in the fleet industry by three times. It is the vehicle inspection history that boosts the efficiency of the fleets. With the help of a strong fleet management solution, you can keep track of the inspection, assets, maintenance, etc. Undoubtedly, a vehicle that is operating in an unsafe manner can put your business and cargo in danger. As per the Code of Federal Regulations Section 396.13, you need to assure that-

  • The vehicle is in safe operating condition
  • Check the last vehicle inspection report of the driver
  • Sign only when the defects noted by the driver who created the report
  • Check the certificate which proves that the vehicle is repaired.

Safety trends for large trucks

The main aim of CFR Section 396.13 is to prevent unsafe driving and enhance the safety of commercial vehicles. It helps in protecting the fleets from potential liability. In the trucking business, safe operations are the top priority. Well, the majority of the drivers do not deliberately put their and others’ lives in danger knowing that the situation might be life-threatening. This issue might occur due to a lack of correct info.

Improve fleet safety with vehicle inspection history

Fleet safety solution is designed carefully to prevent the fleet from accidents like collisions or breakdowns. When considering the overall safety of the fleet, vehicle inspection history plays a crucial part. Before beginning with the work, the driver must ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition. Information can help the driver to avoid a vehicle that is unfit for the road. A true and transparent vehicle inspection is necessary for a fleet to maintain safety. Keeping a barrier between the driver and information can lead to unsafe driving and even life risk.

With the support of our TXTELD insights, drivers will have the opportunity to get access to the inspection report. Drivers can review the defects mentioned in the last inspection report. They can sign the report, ensuring that the vehicle is now in a safe state for operation. Undoubtedly, vehicle inspection history provides the opportunity for the team to assure safety.

Easy access to vehicle inspection history

When TXTELD is connected to the vehicle engine, the TXTELD app automatically fetches the inspection report of the vehicle. TXTELD application is user-friendly and will benefit you in restructuring your fleet compliance through standard diagnostic ports.  

Benefits of best fleet management solution

Fleet management solution includes the fleet inspection details which helps the fleets in running the business efficiently. This assists in ensuring safety among the drivers and managers. Well, open communication and information help in keeping the morale of the drivers high.

TXTELD Dashboard has logbooks and location history which provides the fleet owners the complete picture to run the business successfully. With the help of the cross-referencing inspection details, you will be able to get an idea of where and when the malfunctions took place. TXTELD considers fleet safety as an integral part of the fleet business. Our TXTELD Dashboard ensures that the driver is submitting the inspection reports regularly and detecting the glitches. Notably, for improving fleet safety understanding and cooperation are the key part. A safe vehicle can help your business in gaining more profit. To know about our product and services contact us.



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