TXT ELD: The Hardwired Mobile Data Terminal Unit That Keeps Your Fleet Safe

TXT ELD is a fully embedded The Hardwired Mobile Data Terminal Unit That Keeps Your Fleet Safe and can precisely record real-time data. This device is connected directly to the Fleet engine control module unit of the Fleet.

  • Free of mistakes and accurate Elogs
  • Zero dollars due at signup for the Premium Plan.
  • Registered with the FMCSA and performing at a perfect level of compliance with the ELD Mandate

Single-Widget Display layout: The Hardwired Mobile Data Portable Terminal Unit That Keeps You Safe

TXT ELD was developed with the convenience of drivers in mind from the beginning. All of the functions are displayed on a single screen helps to make things easier for the user.

Efforts to Enhance Safety

TXT ELD helps monitor drivers’ behavior, including their driving patterns, excessive speeding, and aggressive driving, among other things, and reduce accidents involving drivers and the environment.

Simple transition

Truck drivers are obligated to hand over their service logs to DOT or law enforcement officers when requested to do so. TXT ELD makes it possible for drivers to share files effortlessly.

Visually Spectacular TXT ELD is The Hardwired Mobile Data Terminal Unit That Keeps You Safe designed to be visually stunning, with a bright and user-friendly interface, and its primary objective is to lessen the workload of fleet managers and drivers.

Maintains Privacy

We have high regard for privacy, and the TXT ELD was developed in such a way as to guarantee that there will be no invasion of user privacy and that the device will be completely safe for operation.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

The TXT ELD display unit is not only aesthetically pleasing but also resistant to impact and highly durable. The protection afforded by Gorilla Glass is included.

We Keep Your Fleet Safe!

TXT ELD can record the specifics of dangerous driving habits, such as those that can result in a fatal car accident, and then generates alerts to help prevent these accidents. 

It broadens the scope of monitoring and assists fleet owners in preventing potentially dangerous occurrences by facilitating the sharing of pertinent information regarding excessive speeding, the wearing of seatbelts, braking patterns, sharp corner turns, and harsh accelerations, among other potentially hazardous behaviors.

  • Detection of Unexpected Events
  • Driver Behavior
  • Scorecard for the Driver

Keep an eye on your fleet with the help of the Intelligent Search Feature.

Because the TXT Application has a smart search option, fleet managers can verify the status of their vehicles concerning their duties and drivers and then promptly find the relevant facts. The gap can thus be better understood by the fleet management, which in turn helps enhance their efficiency.

Get Real-Time Notifications Regarding Your Fleet.

Establish warnings for essential activities such as aggressive driving, the violation of HOS, excessive speeding, idling, regularly scheduled maintenance, vehicle engine code problems, and any system malfunction. Get these alerts sent to you using the TXT Application the Hardwired Mobile Data Portable Terminal Unit That Keeps You Safe.

Integration Effortlessly Capable With the TXT Application

TXT Application allows you to combine your hardware and back-end data without hiccups and keep the data flow consistent so that your day-to-day fleet operations may run smoothly.

Tracking with GPS and the use of geofences

TXT ELD comes equipped with a GPS tracking unit that can pinpoint the whereabouts of your fleet no matter where it is, and the geo-fencing feature enables you to get notifications regarding the asset.

  • Keeping track of the fleet in real-time
  • Comparable to the bird’s-eye view on Google
  • Establish a virtual barrier to facilitate the tracking of individual fleets.

The monitoring and safeguarding of assets is an essential aspect of the fleet sector. One way to ensure that these aspects are met is by using TXT ELD to keep track of assets in real-time. You can monitor and track your fleet at any time and are using the GPS and Geo-Fencing features.

Ten and more intelligent features are waiting for your fleet. Unlock these features now, and you’ll have a significant advantage over your rivals in a few weeks.

One hundred percent of customers who have utilized TXT ELD have praised it as the greatest ELD currently on the market, praising its unique features and affordable price. We can provide the best services to fulfill your needs.

10x Implementing a TXT ELD will at least tenfold increase the productivity of your company’s fleet, drivers, and assets. We currently provide the most advanced electronic logging device (ELD) on the market, and it is packed with features that will make your company significantly more successful.

TXT ELD Does Not Need Bluetooth or Wireless Internet Connections!

TXT ELD uses satellite technology and comes with a data package customized for your fleet. It functions flawlessly in isolated regions and safeguards the confidentiality of data.

  • There is no need for individual mobile phones.
  • Data Privacy
  • Unlimited capacity for LTE and 4G networks

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