TXT ELD: 9 ways to Improve your Fleet Management

As a fleet business owner, it’s important to keep your fleet in check. But what if you don’t have the time or resources to keep check and balance on your fleets? That’s where TXT ELD comes in! With TXT ELD, you can manage your fleets from one place to another from starting point to the destination points, and that means more efficient operation and reduced costs with complete tracking of your fleet and drivers HOS. If you’re looking to improve your fleet management, there are a few valuable tips to consider. Here are efficient ways to get started with TXT ELD.

Problems Faced in Fleet Management

1. Difficulty in tracking the fleet location

Fleet managers occasionally struggle to keep control on where their fleets are. Sometimes the customers want to know the updates of their rides. So it’s essential to know where your trucks are. With the help of TXT ELD Now Fleet Manager can easily track there fleets and update the customers very easily.

2. Inefficient route scheduling

Our TXT ELD is completely sync with Maps, It show the drivers fastest and easiest way to reach the destination point with in the given time

As we know long Routes are the biggest problem for fleet owners they consume more fuel and take more drivers Hours. With us they can check on their drivers are on time for both loading and dismounting. Additionally, they need to be aware of changes that may be necessary due to a lack of drivers or, fleet problems, or client cancellations. They should be able to quickly adapt to any last-minute changes from customers.

3. Driver safety

The most important factor in determining the success of a fleet management company is driver safety. They are assets for your company, thus you must look out for their health. By doing this, you will lower your risk of accidents, the cost of fixing your truck, and your downtime expenses. With HOS Law & TEXT ELD Drivers Controlling Feature now you can easily track that driver is driving irresponsibly or the driver is driving overtime.

4. Maintaining costs

You run the risk of losing money if you don’t use the proper tactics and solutions for maintaining your fleet. E.g Maintaining costs for each of the fleets is different and include many things, including asset usage, fleet maintenance, regulatory compliance, etc., is essential.

Improve the efficiency of your fleet management

Here’s a list of the best ways to improve your fleet management efficiency:

1. Real-time asset and fleet tracking

By using a TXT ELD GPS based fleet tracking system, you can track the real-time location of your fleet. When fleet managers are aware of where their fleet is and where it needs to be, they have a sense of security. Additionally, if an accident occurs while the fleet is on the road and you are aware of the location, it will be much easier for you to act quickly.

Additionally, a helpful fleet tracking function called Geo-fencing has GPS technology. When your driver crosses a certain geographic border, it will notify you.

2. Fuel management

An essential task for better fleet operations is managing fuel expenses. Your budget is directly impacted by the fuel use of your fleets. You can monitor if your drivers are using fuel-efficient routes with the use of a TXT ELD GPS-based fleet management device. To make sure it remains within the economic range, you may also monitor their speed and idle time.

3. Maintenance in advance

Working on the fleet’s preventative maintenance might assist you in resolving small issues before they become problematic. Additionally, it enables you to plan ahead for common maintenance tasks like fluid replacements, hose and wheel inspections, and oil changes for your fleets. It enables you to maintain your fleets when it is helpful for them. Additionally, routine maintenance can reduce operational time and additional expenses.

4. Route Navigation

Your fleet may locate the best and quickest routes to its destination using the built-in asset tracking tool and GPS in a fleet management solution. Additionally, it aids in traffic management and route analysis for forecasting.

5. Verify arrival times for customers

Have you ever been informed by a customer that a driver is running late, only to have the driver deny the fact. Beware from becoming involved in difficult circumstances. Utilize location tracking or zones to learn when your driver arrived, when they left, and how long they were there. This way, you may more easily keep track of the time spent at each location and know the status of deliveries if clients call.

6.Safety compliance management

To avoid legal issues, accidents, and damage to the assets, Safety management (which TXT ELD also offers) is essential. Every fleet has a sensor-based safety management system. It assists you in adhering to safety regulations set by the government.


Planning handles a variety of fleet functions, including allocating a product for dispatch, taking end-user requests, terminating a delivery, prioritizing a delivery, etc. Additionally, it records the engaged and unengaged trucks at any given time.


You can track your fleet’s precise position, the performance of each fleet, and the actions of the drivers with modern Telematics Technology. Telematics helps to reduce fuel costs while also enhancing driver and fleet safety. Additionally, it aids in alerting fleet management and drivers about any possible problems with the fleet. The driver may quickly rectify such problems in this way, preventing more failures.

More for Improved Fleet Management.

Start with planning your fleet if you want to enhance fleet management. You may easily plan for future expansions and improvements if you are aware of your company’s requirements.

Reduce Fleet Costs

Reducing wasteful expenditure is one of the most crucial things you can do to lower fleet expenses. You may save costs on unnecessary goods and services by determining which costs are not necessary for your company.


Improving fleet management can save your time and money. By using Fleet Management Efficient ways, improving your fleet planning, optimizing fleet performance, and promoting safety, you can improve the efficiency of your business while staying up-to-date on the latest Fleet Management Tips.

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