Top 5 Advantages of using TXT ELD Device!

What is an TXT ELD device?

An TXT ELD is an electronic logging device, which is used by many commercial trucking companies to record data regarding the operation of the vehicle, as well as driver activity including driver hours of service (HOS) and record of driver duty status.

1. The Biggest Benefit of an ELD Device

An ELD Device connects to the vehicle’s engine and automatically records driving activity and updates driver logs, It shows drivers real-time visibility into available hours and violation risks. It has an in-built GPS tracking unit to locate your fleet at any location.

2. Information directly captured from the truck:

  • Truck identification
  • Truck carrier identification
  • Date & Time
  • Geographic location
  • Miles traveled
  • Engine power up and shutdown
  • Engine diagnostics and malfunction

3. Data collected from the driver:

  • Driver user identification
  • Driver login & logoff information
  • Driver Hours of service (HOS)
  • Driver Duty status changes
  • Driver Personal use

4.  Increased Revenue Potential. 

They are a time saver and that equates to better earning potential. It helps in Faster inspections, as well as less paperwork, adds up to 20 hours saved each year. Those are hours that can be spent driving.

ELD Devices help in saving money. Paper logs are the burden of the driver. Buying logs, having drivers file and submit records and performing tasks all cost the driver time and money. An ELD can save the driver on much of the costs of paper logs. 

5. Improve Efficiency.

Using an ELD Device, It helps drivers better plan their day. With the ELDs hours of service, GPS, drivers know where and when the best times and places are to take breaks and stop for the day. Insights from speeding and engine idling reports could be used to improve efficiency.By keeping track of driver activities it’s believed that fatigue and mistakes can be reduced. The data gathered from ELDs can be valuable in faster inspections. The information can be used to help trucking companies improve productivity and better handle scheduling issues. Moreover, It can Improve Safety of the Trucks with ELDs

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