Top 5 advantages of GPS tracking and geofencing

keeping roads safe

GPS tracking has brought a revolutionary change in the trucking industry. The impact of IoT has improved the effectiveness of the tracking system. Most of the fleet managers make use of the GPS to track the vehicle’s real-time location and also assists in improving the operations. This unique feature will help you in enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your business. For day-to-day operations, GPS tracking has now become an essential factor. TXTELD helps the fleet owners in understanding the location of the assets, whether it is inside or outside certain location boundaries. Our devices will help you in improving the performance of the driver.

What are the benefits of GPS tracking?

It is the GPS or the Global Positioning System which helps the fleet companies remotely in keeping track of the location of the drivers and vehicles. Moreover, the system relies on the transmitter within the navigation device which sends signals by multiple satellites in the space. Our GPS tracking feature will help you in improving business productivity, streamlining operations, and even making life easier for fleet managers and drivers. Some of the benefits of geofencing and GPS are as follows-

Smart route planning

GPS tracking feature helps in spotting the worst and the best rods by reviewing all the information of the past trips by making use of the location history maps. Moreover, it will help the fleet managers on optimizing the routes by identifying the busy roads along with the historical data of the location. It helps in enhancing the efficiency as well as productivity.

Secure your cargo

Our TXTELD device has GPS tracking features as well as a geofenced parameter which will help in protecting the cargo from the hands of the thief. Our devices are capable enough of tracking the location of all the vehicles in real-time and action can be immediately taken if it diverges from its way.

Prevention against unauthorized vehicular use

Our GPS tracking device will help you in keeping track of the location history, fleet managers, and misuse of the vehicle.

Curtail administrative burden

Eliminate the manual paperwork and also reduce the administrative burden. Our TXTELD device is very much helpful for the oil and gas companies as it helps in understanding the exact location of the vehicles and assets. Thus, it is beneficial while doing calculating the onsite time which is highly important for invoicing and getting paid. It helps the fleet managers in easily managing, billing, invoicing, and payroll based on the location.

Curtail fuel cost

Fuel is the biggest expenditure for every fleet business. Well, you need to optimize fuel usage and reduce wastage. This will help the fleet owners in creating a positive impact on profitability. It is a TXTELD GPS tracking feature that helps in minimizing fuel expenditure.  

Our device helps the fleet managers in comparing the multiple routes to find out the quantity of fuel used for each route. Moreover, this will also support you in minimizing the fuel wastage and in cutting the extra operation expenses.

TXTELD fleet management solution includes GPS which allows the fleet managers with the real-time location on an interactive map. Our service helps the fleet managers with the location history of drivers or vehicles. We will help your business in becoming productive, efficient, and profitable. To know more about our services please write to us or call us.



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