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CSA score is an important factor for the fleet owners and drivers in running their business efficiently. CSA program has been designed efficiently to improve the safety of the carriers. Well, with conscientious record-keeping of safety metrics provided by FMCSA helps in improving the CSA score and the overall safety performance. This score highly matters but it cannot be considered as a burden for the fleet. If you approach with the right mindset then your CSA score can be your biggest advocate. Having the knowledge of finding CSA score, how to compile and ways to change it can be considered as the major step towards booming in this competitive industry. Among the best ELD companies, TXTELD has come up with the best services to ensure your fleet safety.

BASICs behind the CSA program

FMCSA has enforced the CSA program in order to ensure safety in the fleet industry. There are seven different safety behavior, starting from the Hours-of-Service compliance to Alcohol violations are recorded nationally. It is the score that denotes your BASIC percentage in comparison to other industry averages.

Red flags and warning letters

As soon as the BASIC scores approach towards the problematic levels it is the CSA that sends warning letters. FMCSA through Safety Management System keeps on updating the safety performance data monthly. Well, a warning letter does not need any kind of direct response or violations. It is simply a way to encourage the carriers to improve their safety before any worst happens. There are certain exceptions based on the truck volume and the length of the time in business. As per the research, it is found that carriers with more CSA scores are more likely to involve in a motor collision. Violations are often removed from the records of the carriers after every two years.

How can I check the CSA score?

You need to make easy access to your CSA score by registering for a PIN with your USDOT or MC number. It is important to note that your composite CSA score is not at all public information. BASIC scores can be accessed by inputting the basic DOT number in the

Improve your business health with a CSA score

CSA score acts as the swing factor for gaining potential clients looking to improve the business. Moreover, the CSA score is not at all a complete picture of the carrier’s business activity or practices. It is the CSA score that helps in understanding the carrier approaches behind the wheel operations.

CSA scores are ranked between 0 to 100 on the scale, a vehicle with the highest numbers being worse. Those companies that are recorded with a higher number of CSA scores will be flagged for the compliance review or might be issued Out of Service if curative measures are not taken. Lack of focus on the CSA score can lead to larger problems.

How to improve CSA score?

When it comes to compliance and safety, each company must determine whether to be proactive or responsive. Well, the CSA program helps in detecting the drivers who violate the Drug and Alcohol laws. This helps companies in hiring practices. It is one of the effective ways of improving the safety of the fleet.

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