Seven ways to avoid distracted driving

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FMCSA has imposed several rules on the drivers to ensure their safety. This helps in shaping an effective driver workflow and improving the experience of the drivers. Moreover, our team will help you in shaping the fleet operations efficiently. FMCSA has made ELD mandatory for the fleet industry to improve the fleet operations and you can also reduce distracted driving. Some of the instructions that you need to follow to avoid distracted driving are-

Avoid touching your phone while driving

Talking over the phone and texting can lead to hazardous incidents. ELD devices are made out of cutting-edge technology to help the drivers in keeping their eyes on the road. This will also support in keeping the driver alert about the surroundings that includes pedestrians and light signals.

Right utilization of GPS

Keep your GPS easily visible throughout the route to prevent distracted driving. By looking down on the mobile GPS and driving can be dangerous. By making use of the appropriate technology, you need to select the optimal route path previously to ignore distracted and scattered thoughts.

Familiarize with vehicle beforehand

In the commercial motor vehicle world, vehicles and drivers go hand in hand. If you get acquainted with the vehicle features before getting on the road. Suppose if a driver is not aware of operating the AC or any other system then this can lead to a disastrous distraction.

Use updated technology

If you are running your fleet operations with an outdated solution, then it might lead you to several discrepancies in your operations. Moreover, this kind of operational issue can create a greater impact on a driver’s attention, they have to continuously shift their focus between the road and other responsibilities. By utilizing the upgraded solution like TXTELD you can streamline your operations. This not only improves the employee experience but also helps in reaching the consumer satisfaction. Moreover, this reduces the level of disruption on the road.

Caution with your thoughts

Well, wandering about something while driving can lead you to problems, it is important to stay aware on the road. One of the best ways to bring the concentration is by performing meditation at the start of the day to better organize your thoughts. Also, you can mix up the playlist so that it does not make you feel monotonous.

By making use of the cutting-edge solution, TXTELD has come up with effective fleet management solutions that helps in improving the operations. Our device is easy to install and comes in a single-Display widget layout. This device will assist you with the real-time and exact data without distracting the process for seamless operations of the fleet companies. Our ELD device will support you in managing routes and selecting those that take lesser time. Also, it will help you in improving accountability and management. To know more about our products and services, get in touch with us.



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