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GPS tracker device

It is a commercial truck GPS tracking device that brings a bundle of benefits to logistic companies. Well, by keeping track of the commercial trucks you can streamline your business operations. This helps in coordinating with the vehicle which will lead to faster delivery and will also improve your work efficiency. Get the best GPS truck tracking systems from TXTELD to help your fleet business in meeting its requirements. You can say it is one of the effective ways to manage all the commercial truck fleet management. With this amazing feature, you can stay ahead of the competition within a week. Here, we offer our clients the best fleet management solution at an affordable price.

What do you mean by GPS truck tracking Device?

Commercial vehicle tracking refers to the GPS tracker that helps in understanding the exact location of the fleet. This device is directly connected to truck tracking GPS software which helps in displaying all necessary information regarding the vehicles. By making the utmost use of the truck tracking software you will get the real-time location of your fleet. Moreover, with the assistance of TXTELD GPS tracking devices, you can gather data of the vehicle driving speed and estimate the time of arrivals.

What is the importance of commercial truck trucking devices?

One of the crucial reasons why you need to invest in truck tracking software is to improve the efficiency of your fleet business. This feature of TXTELD enables the fleet managers in planning better routes, communicating with the drivers, and improving fuel efficiency. Moreover, this will provide the company with a greater opportunity to stay ahead of the competitors. Our services are designed in such a way that it ensures the fleet safety and security. Notably, our trailer tracking device is capable of sending alerts when the trailer moves without authorization. Our device will provide you with real-time information of the trailer which you can provide to the police during any mishaps or theft.  

Who is benefited from the trailer tracking device?

There are many industries that get benefited from trailer tracking devices. It is the tracking device which helps in improving the fleet management in various sectors like-

  • Wastage disposal firms
  • Towing companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Chemical transportation
  • Construction business
  • Any business in need of commercial vans

Benefits that you can gain from TXTELD commercial truck tracking system

Enhance vehicle productivity

Undoubtedly, the main part of the fleet management solution is the GPS vehicle tracking device. This facilitates the fleet managers in keeping direct contact with the drivers. TXTELD GPS truck tracking system provides vehicle diagnostics and real-time location data. With our device, you can minimize the downtime of your fleet and improve the commercial trucks’ operation efficiency. This device enables planning the best routes, avoiding traffic congestions, and ensure drivers do not Overspeed. These help in reducing fuel expenses. You need to keep your fleet properly services to assure that your fleet operates efficiently. This device helps the fleet managers with the data to enhance productivity by-

  • Improving the driving habits
  • Receiving notification of upcoming maintenance
  • Planning the route for improving customer and employee satisfaction

Compliant with the tracking device

TXTELD GPS truck tracking feature helps in improving driver safety and helps in monitoring driving habits. This supports in improving driver performance and encourages making driving less stressful. It facilitates commercial vehicles in planning better routes for dodging busy and overcrowded roads. With the help of TXTELD GPS truck tracking data, you can improve driver behavior and safety.

Improve security

Most of the logistic companies install trailer tracking devices to enhance their business productivity. This device helps in getting the important information that facilitates planning and scheduling deliveries in an effective way. It will help in reducing the disruption and improving consumer satisfaction. TXTELD GPS trailer tracking device is capable of withstanding water, heat, dust, and impact.

Stand-out the competition

TXTELD GPS truck tracker provides the business an opportunity to stand out in the competition by-

  • Reducing the operation costs
  • Improving driver compliance
  • Delivering improved consumer solution
  • Keeping fleet vehicle maintained

TXTELD has stepped into the fleet industry to help the fleet owners in rectifying possible critical occurrences. The Geofencingfeature helps in obtaining notification regarding the asset. Our device works well in remote areas and in protecting against a data breach. If you want to know about our products and services, you can get in touch with us.



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