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DOT audit is all about the inspections that are conducted to ensure that the fleet companies are following all the rules. This audit process includes six important categories and appropriate planning can make this audit quite easy. It is the right fleet management solution that can support you in preparing for an audit. Whether you are running a fleet business with hundreds of vehicles or with some, DOT audit plays an important part for which you should be prepared always. If you fail in this inspection process, you can also lose in your USDOT registration and can also be placed out of service. TXTELD has emerged with the best fleet management solution to help you in passing your DOT audit preparation smoothly.  

Auto failure infringement

The carrier would get alerted if any violation detected during an audit. The auditor will also give the annotation of how to avoid violation and get into compliance. There is a certain violation that is terrible enough which makes the carrier fail automatically. The carrier needs to ignore them. Auto fail criteria include-

Drug and Alcohol infringement

  • The driver’s body having an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or more.
  • The driver tested positive or substituted a test for control

Driver breach

  • Disqualified driver
  • Driver without a Commercial Driver’s License

Medically unfit driver

  • Operator contravention
  • Failing to maintain the Hours of Service record
  • A driving vehicle without the required level of insurance

Repair and inspection violation

  • The driving vehicle that has been considered as out of service for safety purpose
  • Operating of the vehicle which is not annually inspected.

Classifications of a DOT audit

Well, a bad DOT audit can lead to a hefty fine for both drivers and companies. In certain extreme cases, it leads to the closure of the business. Well, advance knowledge and a clear understanding of the inspection categories are a better way to get familiarize yourself with the process and also in staying ahead of the DOT.


The fleets must provide documentation of appropriate insurance for their carrier and the kind of cargo that is transported.


The carrier needs to provide appropriate documentation. The carriers must maintain a record of drug and alcohol testing.


The DOT needs 6 months’ logs and supporting documents for all the drivers employed during the six months under the valuation. The DOT inspects the logs for HOS violations, form, and manner errors, and also the falsification of the logs.


DOT needs records of the reports that should comprise of the model, identification number, year, and tire size. It is mandatory for the carrier to maintain these documents on file.

Harmful materials

The carrier needs to keep a record of any hazardous related documentation which includes storage info, license, placards, and labels. It is mandatory for the carrier to present the proof of necessary training for the transport of dangerous materials.  


It is vital for the carrier to maintain the records of injuries and all driver accidents for the review of the DOT. This will help in ensuring the company records and confirms that the FMCSA regulation is met.

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