Optimize business productivity with trailer tracking device

Every business looks out for the best way to improve their productivity rate. To help the fleet industry in increasing their productivity TXTELD has come up with an effective trailer tracking solution. It helps the fleet owners to keep track of all the trailers, equipment, and vehicle in a single map view. Additionally, our device will assist you to trace the idle equipment with the dormancy alert. In short, our trailer tracking system will bring you more advantages other than just a dot on the map. Well, when you talk about the productivity of a trailer, there are three major issues that you often face for your fleet-

  • The trailer spends maximum time at the consumer sites, or they remain unused.
  • It takes a long time for the drivers to locate the trailer in ports, yards, etc.
  • Chaotic maintenance timetable.

Thus, to overcome these challenges most companies are utilizing a tracking device to eradicate the wasted time. To fight with these three key challenges, you need to ensure that the workflow is efficient, and you serve more consumers.

How to discard wasted time at the consumer site and yard?

To make your trailer work efficiently you need to assure that the trailer is picked up from the job as soon as the task completes. Also, you should make sure that they do not sit idle in the yard once they are back. If your trailer is resting too long in the yard, then it is not generating money, or you can say the productivity is less. It is the trailer tracking device that provides complete insights to help you to understand your trailer position. Thus, this will support you to eradicate the squandered time by bringing back the trailers on the road to complete more jobs.

Finding trailers at the customer site more rapidly

Often time is wasted when the drivers keep on looking out for trailers that they can pick at the port or customer site. It is impossible to locate the position of the equipment without the help of the trailer tracking device. This device enables the dispatchers to provide the drivers with the exact location of the trailer. Thus, this helps them in finding the correct trailer in the large surface area. Moreover, this enormously cuts down the time misspent on searching for it.  

Why trailer tracking and preventive maintenance are important?

If your trailers are maintained within a preventive maintenance schedule you can restrict the downtime that your fleet experiences. But if the maintenance is not planned it will keep the trailer longer on the road than it is required. Thus, it will reduce the productivity of your business. By including the TXTELD trailer tracking device, you can easily schedule your maintenance and can receive alerts which will give you enough time to plan for maintenance. Undoubtedly, this device brings peace of mind to the fleet owners and enhances production.

Unproductivity and time wastes affect several areas of the business. Our TXTELD trailer tracking device will help you to bring the solution to most of your problems and also assist you in optimizing productivity. Moreover, our device will facilitate you in running your business efficiency which will support you in adding revenue to the bottom line. If you want to know more about the device, you can write to us or call us.




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