Importance of Geo-Fencing feature in the fleet industry

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In the fleet industry, Geo-Fencing plays a crucial role. Keeping in my mind the requirements and the necessity of the fleet business, TXTELD has come up with a feature that has a Geo-Fencing feature. Our device is composed of a Geo sensor that creates a virtual fence around the specific geographical location which will help you in understanding the work of the individual fleets and also helps in improving the driver’s performance. This unique feature will facilitate you in understanding the exact location of the fleet whether it is inside or outside the certain location boundaries. The best thing about our device is that it simplifies the fleet operation with its smart telematics and user-friendly interface.

What is Geo-Fencing?

Geofence is referred to as a series of GPS points that is surrounding a specific area for creating a virtual fence. The Geo-Fencing feature is used by the fleet companies in streamlining their business and enhancing the profit. TXTELD is made out of a Geo sensor which helps the fleet owners in getting notification of the vehicle entering or exiting an area. Additionally, you can even create a geofence around your business area for receiving alerts whenever a vehicle leaves or approaches the premises. It is our GPS tracking system which helps in identifying points directly on the map.

Benefits of using the TXTELD geofence feature-

Prevent assets from the thief

Establish geofences around your yards and other downtime areas which will help you in getting instant notification of the vehicle that is entering and existing the areas when it should not have.

Misutilization of the vehicles

By setting up geofences around your area, you will receive an alert as soon as any vehicles enter into the forbidden geofence. Furthermore, this Geo-Fencing feature will support you in identifying the vehicle that should not be in use.

Get the real-time update

TXTELD Geo-Fencing feature will support you in gaining the visibility of the exact trailer locations. It will help in eliminating the yard hunts, tracking of mileage, and GPS data for ensuring the on-time delivery.

Enhance productivity

Undoubtedly, the TXTELD tracking feature helps in ensuring the 100% utilization of the trucks. It helps you in getting the location-specific notification and complete insights of the detention time. Thus, with this data, you can make a decision on how to make complete utilization of the fleets.

TXTELD is a completely rooted Hardware Mobile Data Portable Terminal unit. This is connected directly to the vehicle’s engine control module unit for capturing real-time data appropriately. Our device will not only help you in understanding the exact location of your fleet but will also help you in capturing the details of dangerous driving behavior which might cause fatal road accidents and supports in generating preventive alerts. To know more about our services and products, please contact us. Our technical support team is 24/7 available in multiple languages.



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