How to monitor and manage your fleet with ELD’s advanced GPS tracking?

GPS tracking

Do you know what fleet management is? 

Well, as the term evinces, fleet management is the process of keeping complete track of the movement of the vehicles. No manager or team is always free to take regular updates from the drivers or check with the officials to confirm the delivery time. 

How about dropping all these responsibilities and accepting an all-rounder fleet management hardwired solution? 

With the world getting tech-savvy, it’s time to adopt intelligent solutions and save time to carry out additional essential activities. 

Monitoring your fleet with ELD’s advanced GPS tracking

Managing and monitoring the fleet requires a GPS tracking device that gives access to the near real-time data recorded in the easy-to-understand dashboards. The ELD software can be accessed in the TXT ELD device. The TXT application however operates in both IOS and android devices that can help you track the fleet. 

TXT ELD is outshining in the market with its practical and constructive features. 
Let’s see how you can effectively manage your fleet with TXT ELD:

Install the TXT ELD: 

The hardwired system needs to be installed to access all its benefits. It is a comprehensive and single in-vehicle embedded device. The ELD device is connected to the ECM port of the truck and proceed with the extraction of truck confirmations like VIN, NO and ODOMETER readings. Added to this, the device draws out the engine hours and current location of the fleet. 

  • The TXT ELD software enables a single-widget display layout for the utter convenience of the drivers. This reduces their burden and ensures their satisfaction. 
  • The TXT ELD logbook summarizes the daily logs including off duty, on duty, sleeper berth and driving activities. 
  • The TXT ELD software is visually pleasing. The user interface of the software is easy to understand and operate.

Ensure fleet safety virtually

The TXT application is supported by the smart search feature that helps check the fleet’s status. Just enter the vehicle number, duty and driver’s information, and you’ll be able to identify the location and other details of the vehicle. 

  • The software allows real-time monitoring of the trucks. 
  • Integrating seamlessly with the TXT application is easier 
  • The fleet details can be monitored closely with the access to TXT executive dashboard application

Learn about the GPS Tracking and Geo-Fencing

The TXT ELD has a GPS tracker that helps locate the correct location of the fleet and their real-time updates. Fleet stops in between or slows down and even gets fast on-road; the fleet management professionals monitor everything that happens during their move with the help of the TXT ELD. It has a bird-eye view at par that updates the management about fleet movement. 

When installing the ELD system, understanding its working is essential. The software is technically so sound that it calls for a proper acknowledgement of the interface.

The connecting manual

The TXT ELD system doesn’t need a wifi connection or Bluetooth to work. The software uses satellite technology that ensures data confidentiality and safety. Moreover, the eld system works everywhere, irrespective of the data connection or network. 

The drivers or the professionals do not require a mobile phone, especially for connecting the software. It supports data privacy since no local network operates the software.

The final words

TXT ELD is virtually operated to manage and streamline fleet movement. Since it keeps track of every movement, it gets easy for fleet management professionals to focus on other managerial activities. The system ensures accurate data and timely updates. 

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