How to choose the right ELD device for your company?

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In this competitive market, it is really difficult to choose the right ELD provider for your fleet business. A standard ELD with unique features helps the fleet owners in running the operations seamlessly. Undoubtedly, this device facilitates in automatically recording the driving time of the drivers. Thus, you can say that it is one of the effective ways of keeping accurate HOS records. This device has a GPS tracking feature which helps in monitoring vehicle and capturing the data of:

  • Engine idling
  • Location
  • Total miles driven
  • Hours of Service

Right electronic logging device will help you in enhancing routing, improving delivery efficiency, and driver accountability. Additionally, it will also facilitate you in staying FMCSA compliant, maintaining vehicle usage, lowering of insurance cost, and reduction of overtime.

How to select the right Electronic Logging Device for your trucks?

FMCSA integrated ELD mandates for helping fleet companies in improving their safety and also enhancing productivity. It eliminates the paper works required for keeping a record of the HOS needs. This comprehensive device adds value to the fleet’s daily function. This device captures the IFTA data and automatically creates reports to save the driver and back office time. While availing ELD for your fleet you need to ensure that it has the below features-

FMCSA registered ELD

Before availing ELD it is important to check that the device is compliant. Any kind of inaccurate ELD logbook entries can bring the company in trouble. Also, you must check that the company from where you are availing the device is present in the FMCSA’s list of registered ELDs. It is important to ensure that the device you are availing is compliant with ELD.

ELD provider with a fleet management system

Well, the right ELD provider must provide a fleet management system that connects with the Electronic Logging Device. A fleet management system helps the carriers in managing the vehicle easily. Moreover, this feature will facilitate in improving efficiency, productivity, minimizing risks, and curtailing the overall transportation and staffing costs.

Easy installation

Ensure that in the initial stage the setup of the ELD device must be owner-operator friendly. You need to make sure that the ELD device is easy to install and there is no need for any special tool or professional installer.

Check the amount

While availing an ELD device for your fleet you need to ensure that there is no hidden cost. You must ask the provider about all the up-front costs and also you should look for the ones that offer reports and forms free charge.

Best ELD provider

Before availing the product, you must search for the top ELD providers, to get the best for your business. You need to keep in mind the below eight things before hiring any provider-

  • Total years of Business
  • Structure of the company
  • Total customer served
  • Consumer feedback
  • Ranking worldwide
  • Service form
  • Security policy

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