How to avoid ELD violations?

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HOS violation leads to a greater impact on the CSA scores for several times. CSA score creates a bigger impact on the revenue as well as the insurance premiums. Elimination of the ELD rule violation can improve the carrier’s operations and profitability. TXTELD is made out of the latest technology which helps the fleet owners in running the fleet operation efficiently. Our team leverages their effort and knowledge to help the fleet owners in running the fleet operation seamlessly and efficiently. Moreover, our team never compromises with the quality of service under any circumstances.

How ELD violations can create an impact on the CSA score?

Along with the Hours of Service Violation, there are almost 22 ELD-related violations. These violations are dived into four category-

  • Incomplete/ Wrong Log
  • False Log
  • EOBR Related
  • Other Log/Form & Manner  

Incomplete/ Wrong Log

  • No duty record in your ELD device will add 5points to your CSA score.
  • Utilization of an inappropriate method of keeping a record of the hours of service will increase your CSA score by 5 points.
  • Addition of 5 more points, if you are using a device that is not registered with FMCSA.
  • Drivers failing to assume or decline unassigned driving time can lead to an addition of 5 points.
  • Failure in keeping a note of the malfunction which needs a paper log can add up 5 points to your CSA score.

False Log Breach

If you fail to give supporting documents to the driver’s possession upon request, there will be an addition of 7more points.

EOBR Related Infringement

  • If the portable ELD is not mounted in a fixed position and does not become visible to the driver then 1 point will be added to the CSA score.
  • Failure in the maintenance of the ELD user manual will add 1 point.
  • Again, failure in the maintenance of the ELD instruction sheet will make an addition of one point to your CSA score.
  • Driver failing to maintain the duty status graph get an addition of 1 point in their CSA score.
  • Even if the driver fails to maintain ELD instruction will be penalized with 1 more point.

Other Log and Manner Infringements

There will be an addition of 1 point to your CSA if the driver fails in the following-

  • Creating annotation
  • Manually addition of location description
  • Adding of file comments as per each safety officers request
  • Manual addition of the CMV power unit number
  • Manual addition of the shipment documentation number.
  • Selecting or annotating a special driving category
  • Ensure the accuracy of the information gathered from the ELD
  • Editing or making the addition of the missing info.

The fleet owners and drivers need to ensure that they are following the FMCSA rules. TXTELD has made its place in the fleet industry for providing the consumer with an effective solution. If you want to know in detail about our services and products, you can write to us or call us.



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