How GPS Fleet tracking work using TXT ELD

GPS tracking is used in fleet management to track trucks, fleets, and their movements.

Fleet managers and regular drivers utilize global positioning systems to actively monitor and track their fleets, along with a number of commercial businesses.

GPS tracking solutions specifically help fleet managers by enabling them to know where their cars are at all times, resulting in cost savings, on-time arrivals and deliveries, and safer vehicle use. GPS tracking devices like TXT ELD can track your movements even when you’re not looking at them. 

Fleet Tracking

A management method called fleet monitoring makes use of GPS tracking to keep an eye on a fleet’s behavior. It is frequently referred to as automatic fleet location or fleet tracking . Telematics technology is used by GPS fleet tracking to gather information from trucks and fleets. This information is often collected in near real time (actively) using a TXT ELD device attached to the fleet dashboard, making it more beneficial for fleet managers and businesses.

GPS tracking works using an TXT ELD

TXT ELD interfaces with a fleet dashboard to obtain accurate engine status and to deliver precise, nearly real-time GPS position data to a logging device that can verify as necessary.

In order to use TXT Application, Hours of Service may be recorded using ELD (HOS). All commercial fleets must be equipped with an TXT ELD device in order to meet with the ELD requirement and replace the older paper logbook methods.

GPS fleet tracking is an important part of fleet management software.

Fleet tracking software that intelligently understands the extensive amounts of data coming from fleet monitoring devices and transforms it into simple-to-use reporting dashboards and exception warnings is necessary for fleet tracking to be effective.

Benefits of GPS fleet tracking

By Real time location tracking, more benefits of fleet tracking with TXT ELD are as follows:

Path Evaluation and Planning

Better route planning and analysis is a benefit of GPS fleet tracking as well. Managers may monitor and evaluate the conditions to find the shortest path to the destination because routes frequently alter as a result of external factors (such as weather and road repair).

In the end, route optimization can directly boost efficiency and performance.


Fleet managers can receive automatic real-time alerts about the location of their cars, and efficient updates about when they reach or leave key areas can assist to minimize avoidable administrative tasks.

When there is a change to the schedule, fleet managers may use alerts to immediately notify the drivers and receivers, boosting productivity and cutting down on waiting time.

Updated information 

Customers and corporate workers may get real-time data from a GPS fleet monitoring system to ensure total view and up-to-the-minute updates on departure and delivery timeframes.

Fleet managers may also locate every fleet in actual time, giving them the power to respond quickly if one moves off track.

Increased output

Additionally, GPS tracking allows for the monitoring of delivery terms and conditions. By doing this, businesses may increase their level of competition and make sure they fulfill their commitments to clients and suppliers.

Improve Safety

Through informative and statistics dashboards, fleet managers may assess the safety procedures of their fleet, such as abrupt braking and speeding. To reduce safety hazards and fleet degradation, managers may quickly identify issues and implement solutions. Managers can prevent risky driving habits by coaching drivers using tools like quick review of safety events.


GPS tracking using ELD is a great way to track your movements. By using TXT ELD GPS tracking device, you can keep track of the time, location, and movement of all objects in your space. This information can be helpful in understanding where you are and who moved around during your timeframe. Additionally, TXT ELD can help you investigate any suspicious activity that may have occurred.

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