How Fleet Managers can Improve Customer Satisfaction using TXT ELD

We are aware that one of the most crucial aspects of operating a business is keeping consumers satisfied. If you see that your fleet drivers are spending more time taking long routes rather than taking the shortest way to deliver the goods, it means that it takes them longer to reach your customers. TXT ELD has made customer satisfaction a reality for businesses of all aspects. In this era, customer satisfaction is key to success. TXT ELD makes it easier than ever for fleet businesses to connect with their customers engagingly, by updating your customer about the drivers movement so that you can concentrate on what’s important for you. With our TXT ELD You can see your driver’s movement and guide them according to your demands.

Why TXT ELD is the Solution to Customer Satisfaction

By using TXT ELD, fleet managers can connect with their drivers in real time. They can update and guide the drivers about the routes and about the delivery time. This device provides drivers with a more efficient and cost-effective way of interacting with their destination; they can take easy routes to deliver the goods. With TXT ELD, businesses no longer have to waste time trying to get through to their customers or dealing with slow or difficult customer service representatives. Fleet Manager gets all the details of the fleet on TXT ELD with the estimated time to deliver the goods on the fleet. By using this, businesses can focus on services and achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction than ever before.

How Can TXT ELD Improve Customer Satisfaction?

TXT ELD has an in-built GPS tracking unit to locate your fleet at any location and the Geo-fencing feature helps in receiving notifications about the asset.

  • Real-time monitoring of fleet
  • Bird-eye view at par with Google
  • Create virtual boundary to track individual fleets

The Benefits of TXT ELD for Your Business

With TXT ELD, fleet manager can improve their customer satisfaction by providing more efficient and affordable services. TXT application is designed specifically to reduce the burden of drivers and fleet managers to enhance their productivity in day-to-day fleet operations. TXT ELD offers a complete solution with its hardware and software application by generating accurate real-time data for fleet companies.

TXT ELD Could Help You Achieve Your Customer Success Goals

If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer satisfaction levels, consider using TXT ELD in your business operations. With TXT ELD, you can get several advantages such as accurate data, and safe and secure tracking of your fleets. By implementing these changes into your business processes, you could see a significant improvement in how your customers feel about your business.


TXT ELD can improve customer satisfaction by providing best customer service, better customer experience and increased user adoption. By implementing TXT ELD into your business, you can increase customer loyalty and grow your business.

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