How does a trailer tracker function ?

trailer tracking device

Latest technology has brought a drastic change in each industry, the fleet industry is not exceptional. The trailer and its content are the most precious asset for every trucking company. No fleet can optimize its operations completely and enhance productivity without knowing the location of the trailer. To help the fleet industry in overcoming this challenge, TXTELD has emerged with a phenomenal trailer tracking device. It has the capability of providing information 24/7 about the assets to the fleet managers and dispatchers.

What is trailer tracking?

Trailer tracking system refers to a tracking solution that helps you in improving the visibility of the operations by offering real-time data of trailer and equipment status. This data helps the fleet companies in enhancing productivity and facilitates efficient decision making. It also helps them in gaining proven ROI. TXTELD had emerged with a new trailer tracking device that helps the company with valuable information for making and saving money. As soon as the trailer is detached from the cabin our devices switch to tracking mode. It provides complete details of the trailer parked at the job spots waiting for reloading and unloading. Undoubtedly, our trailer tracking system brings you more benefits than just a dot on the map. Some of the advantages that you can enjoy with our trailer tracking device are-

  • You can keep track of all your vehicles, trailers, and equipment within a single map that also all in real-time.
  • By monitoring the trailer’s dwell times, you can invoice for additional hours.
  • Whenever a trailer or equipment arrives or departs you will receive an alert.
  • With dormancy alerts, you will get the chance to track the idle equipment.
  • Can include the TMS system by utilizing our leading API.

Find out how trailer tracking device works-

With the TXTELD trailer tracking device you can zoom on any GPS view and you will get complete data along with the position and pace of the asset. This will assist you to send ETS to your consumer along with the live location. Our trailer tracking device comprises of two parts- hardware and software. Well, our asset gateway hardware remains attached to the trailer. To ensure its continuous operations, it is powered by solar and in-built batteries. When the device is attached to the asset gateway you will be able to collect information like the position of the asset, trailer drops, and illicit door openings. Further, this information helps the fleet manager and dispatchers to understand the asset position.

Additionally, our trailer tracking device has an amazing water-resistant quality that works flawlessly in any bitterest situation that the truck driver may face on the road. One of the crucial reasons why most people make use of this device is it increases the security of the trailer and cargo. It also reduces the driver’s detention time.

TXTELD offers clients an error-free device to help the fleet companies in increasing their productivity and in establishing the right use of assets. We never compromise with the quality of the product we provide to our clients under any circumstances. Here, we offer 24/7 Multi-language technical support. To know more about our service and product write to us or call us.


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