Here’s why your fleet needs TXT Dashcam


TXT Cloud-Based Dashcam provides insights on understanding driving pattern and traffic pattern in a real-time scenario. The cameras help the drivers to understand the gaps as they push movement caution and important observations to the clients.


  • Night Vision
  • High-Quality, Full HD Footage with an Impact Sensor
  • Plug and Play
  • Smooth Video Playback
  • Automatic Recording
  • Can withstand Heat and Vibration
  • Monitor driver behaviour like Driver’s Fatigue, Harsh Driving, Hard Brakes etc.
  • Automatically records events and pinpoints the location of the event
  • Hardwired
  • No Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity required


Safe Environment:

TXT Dashcam helps in creating a safe environment along with complying with all the mandatory regulations.

Cutting-edge Design:

TXT Dashcam is designed keeping the driver and vehicle in mind. It is easy to install. Just Plug and Play.

Helpful Tools:

In case of any mishaps, the video recorder ensures proper investigation sparing your business time and money.

Security and Safety:

It helps in reducing the expenses related to possible prosecution and holds drivers accountable.

The device can help fleet managers and drivers to understand the pattern and prevent mishaps. Now TXT ELD Application is available in both English and Spanish language.

Register with TXT ELD today and unlock amazing features. We are happy to help you and always at your service.


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