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Undoubtedly, the ELD mandate law is created for improving road safety and for reducing the rate of accidents. The main aim of this law was to implement the HOS rules through ELDs. It helps in capturing the movement and duty status of the truck. It is believed that the ELD mandate has created an impact on the Hours of service compliance. Indeed, this device provides complete insights of the asset in real-time. TXTELD has gained its position in the fleet industry for providing the best fleet management solution. Our ELD device is capable of capturing the data that helps in understanding the fleet movement and driver behavior.

Check out the necessity of insights that you can get with TXTELD-

 Road incidents

Well, road accidents are the most common incidents. Often the truck drivers are blamed even if there is no fault. In such scenarios, the TXTELD device works as proof to protect the driver from the acquisition. The device is capable enough of keeping the visual record of the driver seat as well as the road. Moreover, the videos are used further for training purposes. Our device improves driver visibility by keeping track of the on-road and off-road time utilization of the vehicle.

Over speeding

When the driver is running out of time or in a hurry to deliver the content, they often Overspeed. This kind of action commonly leads to accidents. Also, when the road has heavy traffic, you will observe instances like heavy acceleration and sudden slowdown that is quite unsafe. Our device helps the driver in rectifying such mistakes.

Efficiency of fuel

When you talk about fuel efficiency, you need to keep in mind about the kind of vehicle in use and the route planning. TXTELD device simplifies as well as automates the Cross-Border Fuel Tax Reporting, and also it curtails the risk of penalty. This device helps the fleet managers in keeping a check on the consumption of the fuel through continuous monitoring and managing.

Data Privacy

Privacy and security are the two terms that come to mind when you talk about data. TXTELD helps in collecting real-time and accurate data without disrupting the process for performing seamless operations in the fleet companies. Our device is designed in such a way that it ensures there is no privacy breach. Also, the device is 100% secured to use.

The ELD mandate law enhances the visibility along with the efficiency, safety, and right utilization of the fleets. Our device is visually stunning and has a user-friendly interface that helps in reducing the burden of drivers and fleet managers. All the features are enlisted in a single screen, and it reduces the burden. It helps in saving extra operational costs that assist in changing the regulatory need of the fleet industry. It is easy to install and offers you with uninterrupted dataflow. To know about our products and services, you can write to us or call us.

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