Grab the best TXT’s cloud-based Dashcam to enhance your fleet security

Grab the best TXT’s cloud-based Dash Cam to enhance your fleet security

Emerging technology has brought an ample number of benefits to the fleet industry. Increase the efficiency of your device with TXTELD’s cloud-based Dashcam.  

In 2020 when every industry is suffering from an economic crisis, the cloud-based Dash Cam has brought solace to the fleet industry. This device helps in reducing accidents and helps in slashing costly errors.

What is Dash Cam?

Dash Cam is referred to as a Dashboard Camera that is placed on the vehicle dashboard. This device is designed thoughtfully and carefully for recording all the details. It acts as a disincentive against the bandit. Undoubtedly, you can say that this device is one of the fastest methods of discovering the truth when something goes wrong. It has a front-facing rear camera that gives the complete 180-degree view. Investment in Dashcam will gain you a greater return on investment.

TXTELD Dashcam facilitates the drivers and fleet managers in preventing casualties and helps in maintaining fleet while expanding the business. This device helps in saving time and money. Additionally, it also helps by protecting the driver, boosting productivity, offering excellent consumer service, and bringing peace of mind. With this brand, you never have to worry as it provides HD footage. Some of the key features of TXT Dash Cam are-

  • Supports night driving
  • Easy Installation
  • Withstands heat and vibration
  • Smooth video playback
  • Minimizes fatigue
  • Auto recording
  • Has a Geo sensor for monitoring hard breaks and rash driving.

Why Dash Cam is important for commercial Vehicles?

Recently, Dash Cam has become an integral part of the fleet industry. Whether you will believe it or not it is one of the most useful gadgets for commercial vehicles. Moreover, it is recognized as one of the beneficial devices that helps the driver in saving money in the long run. This device helps in bridging the gaps as it provides the complete details of the movement and essential observations to the clients.

To help you in keeping your vehicle protected, TXTELD has come up with an efficient and effective cloud-based Dash Cam. This device helps to enhance safety and in navigating the roadways. It benefits in creating a safer environment and obeying with all necessary laws. Also, it helps in improving accountability.  

Key advantages of Dashcam

Everyday technology is bringing a revolutionary change in the fleet industry. TXTELD Dashcam helps to improve the security and well-being of the fleet. Moreover, it reduces the expenses that are related to potential prosecution. Some of the benefits of the Dash Cam are –

Recording Accidents

Well, Dashcam acts as evidence that helps in bringing out the truth. Often the truck drivers are blamed for any sort of accidents, but a vehicle with a Dashcam can help to prove the driver innocent. This device records the situation and makes it easier to handle this kind of difficult circumstance.

Improve driving record

Especially, those who practice unsafe driving can learn from the footage in the Dashcam. It is one of the most effective ways to helps drivers to improve their driving skills. As we all know that the best way to improve anything is to understand your weakness and work on it to make it your strength.

Enhances security

Starting from proving the driver innocent to improving their skills, Dashcam plays a crucial role. This camera facilitates detecting the motion of the vehicle, recording the break-ins, and run incidents. Additionally, this device helps to find out the real cause behind the damage of the vehicle.

Eliminating Fraudulent

Well, by including TXT cloud-based Dash Cam you can ensure your travel safety. This device helps in keeping the fleet and manager safe from any kind of fraud case.

Reducing Insurance cost

By making use of the Dashcam videos you can enable the insurance company to understand the liability of fault quickly and accurately. This video footage can act as a witness to settle the disputes.

TXTELD believes in keeping the customers ahead. Our telematics device is 100%reliable and responses to any kind of changes that occurs. Moreover, this device offers complete HD footage with an impact sensor. Smoothly maintain your daily operations with our device. Our could-based Dashcam has a Geo sensor which helps in monitoring the hard breaks and rash driving. This device provides

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