Geofencing for the fleet – the best way to ensure reliability and fleet management!


When You’re a Busy fleet owner or fleet manager and You have a lot of work But you also want your fleet to be reliable and predict their performance based on real-time data. At this point, TXT ELD is the best solution. TXT ELD has an in-built GPS tracking unit to locate your fleet at any location and the Geo-fencing feature helps in receiving notifications about the asset. TXT has  Geofencing that helps fleet businesses keep track of their fleet’ location, activity, and behavior so they can predict their future performance with relative certainty. And it doesn’t stop there! With geofencing in place, businesses can also get alerted when vehicles or people enter or leave their areas for an extended period. This information can then be used to adjust the fleet’s operations as needed, ensuring an even experience for everyone involved!

What is Geofencing and Why is It Useful for Fleet Management?

A geofence is a selective region in a virtual environment that replicates a physical geographic location. They are mostly used to alert fleet managers to occurrences happening outside of a permitted region, to indicate if a certain operation is acceptable or prohibited based on location, or for data analytics.

The usage of geofencing allows fleet managers to forecast and control performance using location-based tracking devices such as TXT ELD. Fleets utilize geofencing to guarantee the reliability, forecast performance, increase efficiencies, and lower the risk of future failure.

TXT ELD GPS fleet management system

Fleet management is continually changing as a result of GPS technology. When selecting the ideal GPS fleet management system for your fleet, it’s important to consider many vital aspects:

  • Safety is of utmost importance. Fleet managers may adopt a preventive rather than a reactive approach when it comes to safety due to a TXT ELD.
  • Fleet managers can determine the most efficient routes and prevent delays with the use of TXT ELD Solutions, which gives real-time data so that important shipments can be delivered on time.
  • TXT ELD can give information about car diagnostics, maintenance, and particular driving events in addition to traffic and navigation data.
  • The TXT ELD is easy to use on all of your devices and easy to understand.
  • TXT ELD offers 24-hour assistance to ensure that your team is never left in the dark.

Better time management with geolocation

Efficiency may be improved and work can be more efficiently organized with time management. One of the secrets to a successful business is time management. Managers in charge of overseeing a fleet must ensure on-time deliveries and keep an eye on their drivers’ activities to prevent any time-wasting mistakes. By using a GPS geolocation solution, it is possible to:

1. Send alerts

2. Verify the service time

3. Adjust and improve routes based on where each vehicle is located

Geolocation for security and cost reduction

Using a TXT ELD to manage a fleet of trucks improves corporate efficiency and productivity while lowering expenses. Fleets are less controlled when routes are optimized. They thereby experience reduced durability, which aids in regulating and limiting fuel and maintenance expenses. Resultantly, a geolocation solution’s investment can quickly pay for it.

Moreover, it lowers expenditures while also reducing the number of kilometers traveled in parallel with other trucks.


TXT ELD which has an in-built  Geo-fencing feature helps in receiving notifications about the asset. can be a valuable tool for fleet management. by using TXT ELD to control the movements of your fleet, you can improve their performance. To use geofenced Fleet Management systems effectively, it is important to understand the features and benefits of the technology. By reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how Geofence can help improve your fleet management.

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