Four techniques for detecting and recovering stolen fleet

GPS tracking feature, geofence alert

For the fleet industry, the vehicle and its content are a valuable asset. Fleets are expensive to replace so, maintenance is essential. Well, a stolen vehicle can cost you thousands of dollars, and it will also increase your insurance expenses. You need equipment that will help you in preventing the asset from the hand of the thief and also from huge costs. TXTELD has come up with an effective solution that will help in detecting vehicle and recover the asset for reducing the frequency as well as the costs. 

Our device is made out of the emerging technology that makes it even more powerful.  It is capable enough of providing real-time location at the time of suspected theft. With the help of this device, asset recovery can be performed in a faster and effective way.

Four ways TXTELD can help in recovering stolen assets

Integrated GPS tracking device

The first priority is always the first.  One of the easiest ways to keep your business protected is by installing GPS tracking devices in every asset. This tracker helps in getting the real-location of the vehicle. TXTELD device has a GPS tracking feature that helps in keeping track of the vehicle, trailer, powered, and unpowered assets. For those organizations that are carrying valuable content, TXTELD helps in detecting and reducing tampering.

Comprehensible record

If you are planning to file a police report regarding your asset that is missing or stolen, accessible and organized records will helpful. You need to keep an updated inventory list of equipment, details of title, registrations, or ownership. TXTELD devices ease your work as it helps in keeping records of the essential information in the cloud and helps in crafting auto-updated inventory reports. Moreover, with these tools, significant data is easier to be found.

Alarm for detecting illegal movement

It is not possible to always keep an eye on your asset, but proactive alerts can help you in understanding any suspicious activities. It is our TXTELD geofence alert that sends the notification as soon as the sensor enters or leaves a specific place. Thus, this will help you in catching the unusual movement. The geofencing feature of our device will help you to track your fleet at any time and in any location. 

Share details with police

As soon as you discover that your vehicle is stolen, you need to report it to the police. Our device will help in sharing the live location and other important information with the cops.

If you want to run your fleet business seamlessly, you need to make TXTELD as a part of your business. Our devices have unique features and are available at an affordable price. It helps the fleet owners in rectifying the possible critical information. Our services have broadened the scope of tracking to help you in preventing your valuable asset. To know more about our services and products, write to us or call us.



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