Four benefits of Dashcam

To a large extent, Dashcam is improving the safety of the fleet driver and the public as a whole. A dashcam is a device that provides high-definition videos to train the drivers and in proving them innocent. With the help of this technology, you can defend your driver from the accusation of the distracted driving. It is the dashcam footage that acts as an instrument in speeding up insurance claims. This video facilitates in understanding the fraudulent and also helps in fighting against false claims. As this improves safety, so it gained maximum importance across the globe. TXTELD has come up with an efficient and effective cloud-based dashcam that supports in understanding the driving pattern and traffic in a real-time scenario. Our device is capable enough of improving security and reduces expenses.

Advantages of Cloud-based dashcam

Risk management

Imagine how good it can be if you can sit beside every single driver to keep an eye on their driving behaviour and poor practices. This is not at all possible physically but can be done with the help of the dashcam. You will be able to check the live visuals and audio streams of the driver’s trips. Additionally, you can also receive alerts whenever a driver slams on his or her brakes fast, or speeds up quickly or in case of collisions. With the help of the footage, you can train the drivers and correct their mistakes.

Training content

Dashcam is not only used in monitoring the driving pattern but also used for training purposes. This footage acts as a real-world example which makes the learning even more impactful than the stock video training and textbooks. You can make use of both good and bad driving videos to teach them.

Curtail expenses

A truck driver is often blamed whenever there is an accident on the road. The only way you can prove your employee’s innocence is through accidental footage. Dashcam provides the opportunity in saving and archiving recorded videos for further reference. It acts as a visual proof that your driver was following all the rules on the road and this will save your driver from getting into trouble. Moreover, this also protects your company from paying out or in experiencing increased insurance costs.

Improve fleet efficiency

Managing fleets involves several parts like numerous vehicles, employees, reaching customer satisfaction, and meeting deadlines. To reduce this burden of the fleet managers, a dashcam is the best solution. It keeps the manager alerts of the road incidents and serves with complete insights that allow them to continuously improve their fleet operations.

Cloud-based TXTELD dashcam helps both the drivers and the fleet managers in taking the necessary steps to avoid mishaps. Our devices are capable enough to withstand the heat and vibration as well as it can be easily installed. Moreover, we have designed our device in such a way that it will assist you in achieving the best results. If you want to avail our product or service, you can get in touch with us. Our support team is available 24/7 in multiple languages to help you.

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