Find out the ways to increase your profit with ELD device

ELD device

ELD device has brought a dynamic change in the fleet business. This device helps in running the fleet operation works with ease. TXTELD offers clients with the data and insights for boosting efficiency, cutting operation costs, and increasing productivity. Besides this, it also enhances the safety and security of the drivers. With the help of this device, fleets owners can keep track of their trucks and the content.

Learn the 5ways by which you can make the best use of TXTELD to reduce your cost and increase your profit-

Right utilization of the vehicle

Proper use of the vehicle will automatically enhance your profit. By connecting the TXTELD device to the engine of your vehicle you can easily keep a track over your fleet. This device will automatically record your vehicles excess idling time and will show the information in the web dashboard. As per the research, it is found that the fleet industry wastes almost 6 billion gallons of fuel because of idling. Other than Idling, irresponsible practices create a negative impact on revenue. Due to the exhaust emission environment gets harmed.

TXTELD offers an unused time monitoring feature that allows the fleet managers in detecting drivers who are idle for very long. It also helps you to find out information like log time, duration, fuel consumption, and location. By making effective use of the vehicle you increase the revenue of the company.

Enhance the safety scores of the drivers

TXTELD provides valuable insights regarding the safety of the drivers. Our device is competent in monitoring the harsh driving practices and recognizes safety incidents like hard braking, rough acceleration, and hard cornering. These insights will support the fleet owners in training the higher risk drivers. Thus, this will assist you to have a safer fleet which will be cutting down the rate of accidents and it will improve the CSA score and business opportunities.

Triumph the detention time dispute

Well, detention often makes the driver suffer the loss of legal driving hours, loss of revenue, and miss the later load. With the help of the TXTELD’s GPS tracking aspects, the fleet owners can keep track of the activity. This device provides location history which helps the drivers and carriers to enhance their position which will benefit in winning the incarceration disputes. With the help of the GPS tracking characteristics, the fleet owners can plan the trip more efficiently. Therefore, it will help in cutting the cost required for operations and will bring you huge profits.  

Excess retention rates of drivers

Fleet owners can make use of the data structure to encourage safe driving and also improve the driver’s pleasure and retention rates. Based on the performance compensation and rewards, this helps in keeping the driver turnout rate under check. This is highly important because the shortage of drivers officially becomes the biggest issue in the fleet industry.

Upkeep of vehicles

By using the TXTELD device you can improve your vehicle maintenance and get to know about the minor issue before it turns major. This feature-rich ELD device will help you in automatically monitoring the fault codes and on-board vehicle diagnostics. Our device flags recurring solutions and help in finding out the important issues quickly.

Run your fleet business smartly and efficiently by reducing the administrative burden, enhancing the effectiveness, and gaining profit. TXTELD has gained its name in the fleet industry for its amazing functionality. Our device has a user-friendly interface that helps in effective fleet operations.

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