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Advent of new technology has brought a colossal change in every industry. The Fleet telematics unit serves the fleet managers with the real-time data of their fleet. This unit helps the fleet owners in keeping track of the driver behavior, vehicle location, maintenance, and other vehicle activity. It helps in gaining ROI quickly, but the expenses are variable. TXTELD has come up with an excellent telematics solution to help the fleet owners in running their business seamlessly. Our vehicle telematics solution will help you in overcoming your day-to-day challenges and support you in making your way to success.

What is the fleet telematics?

With the speedy growth of the technology, the telematics unit is running the fleet operations successfully. Telematics can be defined as the procedure of transferring data remotely from long distances. Well, a fleet telematics system consists of two components those are software and device. In the trucking industry, fleet companies install telematics devices for collecting and transmitting a broad range of information. The device will help you in keeping the data of-

  • Vehicle idling
  • Vehicle Location
  • Fuel utilization
  • Hours of vehicle usage
  • Hard braking
  • Sharp turning
  • Over speeding
  • Vehicle faults

Telematics device provides the fleet managers with in-depth data of the whole fleet. Undoubtedly, fleets can make effective use of the insights for minimizing waste of fuel and operating expenses, improving fleet safety, monitoring asset location, and detecting maintenance issues.

Costs involved in Fleet telematics

It is found that most of the telematics systems are available in the market at an affordable rate which you can estimate. Based on the size of your fleets, most of the companies offer quantity discounts.

Enhance efficiency with real-time data

Costs basically depend on the kind of device that you are choosing. Some of the telematics devices help in transmitting data in real-time and on the other hand some transmit at predetermined intervals. A device that transfers data in real-time is the smarter unit. This kind of unit provides you with real-time knowledge and take action accordingly. Well, opting for a lower-cost device can diminish your benefits.

Unquestionably, real-time data will add value to your business and will also help you in fleet management. Monitoring fleet in real-time will assist you in making decisions and necessary adjustments. You can ensure that your vehicle is not idling for a longer time which will benefit you in saving fuel expenses. Accurate data will support you in understanding driver behavior and you can train them accordingly.

Plug and Play installation process

Cost of installation is the most common point that lingers in the mind of the buyers. If you want to install your telematics unit at a lower cost as low as zero, then you can go for the plug-and-play unit. On the other hand, other kinds of devices need a technician for installing it. For such devices, the installation costs will be high.

Subscription fee monthly

Monthly subscription fee creates an impact on the fleet telematics system. For ignoring the extra expenses, you need to select a service provider who is reliable as well as highly rated. If you are trying to choose a system based on the price, then you might not get the robust features to meet the specific requirements. Well, you may find that your telematics unit is cheaper than the others but there might not be all the features that will help you in running your business smoothly. Selecting a device on the basis of price can lead to an increase in fuel wastage, loss of time, or any kind of unplanned maintenance problem. The right telematics solution can help you in making data-driven decisions and save your money and also support you in gaining a greater return on the investment.  

Is it worth to make expense on fleet telematics system?

The best way to add value to your fleet industry is planning ahead. With the help of the ELD devices, you can slash expenses, improve safety, reduce vehicle incidents, and improve consumer services. TXTELD fleet telematics solution helps in delivering the higher value and also will help you in gaining a greater return on the investment. The two important aspects that you need to keep in mind while availing the telematics system are-

  • Understanding the cost advantages of telematics
  • Plan your goals with telematics

Advance planning about the costs will help you in gaining benefits. This will assist you in gaining a return on the investment quickly than you can imagine. It is the telematics unit that will support you in overcoming the fleet business challenges and reduce downtime. Some other benefits of fleet telematics are as follows-

  • Improving the productivity of the fleet
  • Enhancing safety
  • Prevention against vehicle maintenance
  • Reduction of collision
  • Curtailing of fuel wastage
  • Diminish of operational costs
  • Automating IFTA reports
  • Improved communication between managers and vehicles

TXTELD offers the fleet industry 100% compliant ELD devices to run their business efficiently. Our devices will help in keeping the fleet and environment safe. This device facilitates the fleet managers in ensuring safety and also improving the day-to-day fleet operations. If you are looking for more info, then contact us.



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