Few fleet tips for surviving in the Hectic Holiday Season

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One of the most beautiful times of the year is the frenetic time for the transport industry. This season is the busiest one than any other. It is found that at this phase of the year retail sale grows more than 4.5% and there is also growth in e-commerce by almost 15%. This is the time when the online retailer maximizes their free shipping option and postal services. Thus, it gives rise to a record-breaking delivery number which is as high as 800 million. On the other hand, this upsell activity in this worse weather and traffic condition heightens the risk of cargo theft. During the winter months, it becomes really critical to maintain the safety of the fleets.

TXTELD has emerged to helps the fleet owners in this tough scenario to overcome difficulties. We have made the use of cutting-edge technology to provide you with an effective fleet management solution. This will help you in enhancing the safety and security of your fleets.

Five tips to help the fleets to survive in the extreme weather-

Respond to the changing road situations

During the winter, the level of precipitation remains high which gives rise to the inferior road and traffic conditions. Our TXTELD device is efficient enough to help the fleet with real-time visibility and in understanding the best route to reach the destination. With the help of our live traffic data, we will help the drivers in improving on-time delivery.

Ensure that your fleet is ready for the storm

TXTELD maintenance reminder helps the fleets in remaining safe and on-time before the winter sets in. Our device will help to overcome challenges like the difficult routes and also solves  communicating maintenance problems.

Take a glance at your routes

During the hectic holidays, even in the carefully planned routes lies huge competition for delivery dock increase, traffic trends change, and rise in on-time delivery pressure. You need to take the help of the route expert for better guidance to overcome the challenges.

Eliminate the paperwork

Paperwork takes away valuable time from the hands of the driver. Our paperless solution will help the drivers in simplifying the work process. Without filling out the form manually the driver can make use of a custom digital form and can instantly submit for the review. Thus, there is no need for paper, pencil, or stamp.

Prevention from thief

Well, mass transportation of the valuable goods during the holiday season makes it a tantalizing opportunity for cargo thieves. Our TXTELD device has GPS and geofencing features which helps the fleet owners in recovering the stolen assets. Our device will help you to safeguard your fleet from the hand of the thief.

TXTELD is capable of easing the process by enhancing productivity. Our device is capable enough to run your operation and workflow seamlessly. To know about our product and services, you can get in touch. We offer our clients with 24/7 customer support in multiple languages.





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