Check out the Six driving tips to keep your fleet and driver safe on the road

Check out the Six driving tips to keep your fleet and driver safe on the road

Road safety is one of the prime factors for the fleet industry. As per the report, it is found that trucking collision leads to huge expenses like medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and loss of productivity. To ensure the safety of the vehicle and drivers, it is best to make TXTELD as a part of your fleet operations. TXTELD has an ample number of unique features that improve road safety and reduces the risk of collisions. This device is made out of the latest technology and has a user-friendly interface.

Know the six driving ways to improve safety and reduce collisions

Recognize the position of blind spot

Visibility is the key to the deterrence of road collision, mainly when it comes to the operation of large vehicles. It is important to reduce the lane changes and you must check your side mirrors every 10 seconds. This will help in improving the safety and road awareness. Moreover, you must get familiarized with the blind spots of your truck and other vehicles on the road.

Comprehend secure braking distance

It takes longer to stop when the rig is big. A completely stacked trailer goes 55MPH on the dry roadway so it will take almost 390 more feet in 4.5 seconds prior to stop. Mainly for the new drivers who are accustomed to small vehicles takes time to get used to the braking distance of big commercial vehicles. The fleet managers need to assure that the drivers go under a complete training program to improve safety on the road.

TXTELD offers road-facing dashcam to help the drivers in keeping a safe braking distance from the other vehicles. Well, dashcam videos can be used for understanding the driving pattern and also for training purpose.

Prevent distracted driving

The foremost cause of road collision is distracted driving. As per the report it is found that most of the rear-end collision takes place because of the deferred reaction of the drivers. As the drivers operating large vehicles needs to be more vigilant. Any kind of distracted driving like smoking, testing, and using of mobile phones must be avoided under any circumstances for improving safety on the road.

Stay vigilant of aggressive tailgaters

One of the effective ways to avoid road accidents is by steering clear of the other drivers who are either careless or belligerent. A better way to get rid of the tailgaters is either allowing them to overtake or by switching to different lanes. You should not forget to switch on the turn signal and also must check the other vehicles or perils on the road.

Obey road signs

Road signs are created to enhance the safety of vehicles and drivers. While driving you need to stay aware of the vehicles not only in front but also around you. Additionally, it is important to take road signs and traffic rules seriously. Often it is seen that the truck drivers are going beyond the speed limit specifically when they are running late or when detained for extra time. Therefore, speeding may make them lose control over the vehicle while facing sharp turns, construction hazards, and other road anomalies. In such scenarios, it is beneficial to pay attention to the road sign.

Observe the Hours of Service guidelines

Well, the HOS rule is important because it facilitates in improving road safety and reducing driver fatigue. Driving beyond HOS is not only risky but also leads to the violation of the rule.

TXTELD helps the drivers not only in safe driving but also in improving their CSA score. Our device helps the fleet owners in rectifying the possible critical occurrence while sharing the required details. It works effectively in remote areas and prevents the data from breach. To get more details about our product and services please get in touch with us.

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