Ways you can cut down operational cost with TXT ELD


It becomes challenging some times for many fleets and the owners are consistently finding new ways to reduce the operational costs. TXT ELD has features that can help them to reduce the operational costs of their fleet in an effective manner.

Prevent road accidents

As per the government report, most of the critical accidents happen when the drivers get tired. While driver safety is the primary concern, one cannot overlook the cost that it might incur. An average accident costs around $90,000 minimum and it can vary. TXT ELD helps in preventing road accidents in many ways.

From real-time tracking to generating driver scorecards, fleet managers can identify the drivers who have experienced maximum number of critical events and focus on improving their efficiency. Also, TXT ELD records data automatically which helps in reducing driver’s fatigue and increasing the safety of both the driver and the fleet.

Identify underutilized vehicles

It is quite common in many fleets that the some vehicles and assets remain underutilized. TXT ELD features can help the fleet managers to understand about the vehicles and their utilization and they can further distribute the work across their fleet. This will not only help in utilization of assets but it will also push the efficiency of your fleet.

Simplify IFTA filing

Carriers can incur a penalty of $50 or 10% of the amount of tax or revocation of IFTA licence. The automated report on Fuel Tax Reporting is generated based on Data obtained from Vehicle Engine Control Module unit and it is 100% reliable. TXT ELD eases the process by increasing the productivity and eliminating the time-consuming burden of paperwork through automated collection of mileage, fuel receipts etc.

Prevent system malfunction with vehicle diagnostics

TXT ELD generates a diagnostic report on vehicle which helps fleet managers to plan maintenance accordingly and reduce downtime. The record of every detail of the vehicle generates a comprehensive report which provides alerts on the fleet maintenance schedules. This opens up the scope of planning of the dispatches minimizing the risk for delays and break downs. This helps in cutting down the cost of unexpected breakdowns.

Minimize fuel usage

With live GPS tracking feature, fleet owners can monitor speed, manage routes and understand the pattern to improve their services. This helps a fleet in managing the fuel usage and cutting down unnecessary fuel usages.

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