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What is the Dashboard camera

In this changing time of the fleet industry, in the long run, adoption of TXT Electronic Logging Device (ELD) will be a worthy investment. With the deadline approaching and with so many manufacturers available in the market, it is important to choose the right device for your fleet.

TXT ELD is hardwired to the vehicle Engine Control Module (ECM) unit. Registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), TXT ELD is most dependable, durable, accurate and affordable devices available in the market.

What makes TXT ELD better is that we offer the same device at a much lower price with amazing features. There is no hassle of Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi. Also, there are no additional costs or hidden charges. We like to keep things crystal clear.

TXT ELD uses satellite technology and has in-built unlimited internet access. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and is waterproof.

TXT ELD helps you to manage your fleet in an organized manner. The fleet companies can monitor over speeding, harsh driving, improve fuel efficiency. The device also plays an important role in preventing crash rates and meets regulatory compliance requirements.

The two-way messaging feature enables the fleet managers and drivers to communicate and streamline their day-to-day operations.

It is user-friendly, virtually stunning and sturdy. The data recorded is accurate and uninterrupted. This helps the fleet Backoffice to envision solutions for their operations.

Depending on the size of the fleet and requirements, you can choose among the three best plans available. We don’t offer a contract. We follow the “Pay As You Go” module. We offer different monthly subscription plans for better management of your fleet.

It pushes notifications for any kind of engine faults and gives you the option to customize the alerts. This aims to minimize the risk of delays or vehicle break down.

The real-time data generated helps the fleet companies and drivers to use it in a rapid decision-making process to stay ahead in the competition and curtail operational costs. Unlock the features with TXT ELD. Contact us today.

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